As some people may have noticed, the last issue of The Ba Sing Se Times was released in late September. It has now been two months since the last edition. Some of you may be wondering why.

The reason, in short, is that we are facing a shortage of people who are willing to contribute to the newsletter regularly. The point of this blog, then, is to fully establish to the community at large that two positions are currently open and can be applied for, if willing. If there are a lack of applicants, I may have to consider other options.

The two positions that I'd like filled are:

  • Columnist - we require someone who is up to date with the site to write an article (opinion, report, interview etc.) relating to events on the wiki in the past fortnight.
  • Columnist (fanon) - we require someone who watches the fanon side of the wiki to write an article fortnightly about a promising new story, or a new chapter of an existing story etc. This, ideally, would be a review.

If anyone is willing, please post below. Thanks.

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