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    Welcome! This blog posts contains all the smaller news items – the minor tidbits – that were picked up by various Avatar Wikians from scoops or around the web. They weren't important or wordy enough for their own blog post but we still found them kind of cool, so here they are. This page is updated periodically, so remember to check back for the latest!

    In order from new to old:

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    Feel free to add it yourself! Make new additions here.

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    Welcome to the (belated) final issue of The Ba Sing Se Times under this editorship. In this final editorial, I'd like to discuss what to wikis is necessarily their bread and butter: retaining long-term contributors. Most wikis actually fail at this task. Even Wikipedia's contributor base is suffering a slow but steady decline. Preserving a stable community is not easy, and wikis must consciously take this into account whenever making decisions that have wide ramifications on the site as a whole.

    The most widely-seen mistake that many wikis make is rigid adherence to the encyclopedic paradigm. While that structure is useful as a foundation for a wiki, which is at its base a content management system, it does not encourage diversity. In fact, t…

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    Happy Birthday to Avatar Wiki! It's now been seven years since the wiki was created on July 15, 2005. Seven seems a small number in historical terms, but this is what the world looked like then... "The Blue Spirit" was the latest episode of Avatar. Avatar referred solely to this fandom, not those blue people. Hurricane Katrina had not yet occurred. No-one had heard of Facebook and no-one used Skype. Twitter did not exist. Neither did Tumblr.

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    The life of an administrator is not what it's cracked up to be. At all. I mean, who likes to be blamed for everything that's wrong with the wiki, especially when it's not even your fault? Let's examine one common criticism, that admins effectively control the wiki and stifle innovative thought, and look at why it unjustly targets admins.

    Formal leadership is often associated with adminship, often in the form of a cabal that has the real "control" of the wiki. Some are quick to make that association when an admin takes the initiative or makes an impassioned argument. But the system of consensus ensures we can be outvoted every time. A fundamental mistake is made in this assumption of "control". Leadership on a wiki like ours is not a positio…

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    The season finale is (almost) upon us! So far, we've followed Korra as she has made friends and faced foes in Republic City. There are so many questions that this season finale must answer. Will Korra finally win against Amon? Who is Amon, anyway? And will Mako grow up and pick a girl?

    Post your theories of what will happen right here. Ask the questions that are bugging you. And after the season finale, let's talk about what happened.

    General Iroh, grandson of the now retired Fire Lord Zuko, joins in the war against the Equalists. Meanwhile, the new Team Avatar is lying low in an alley where benders and non-benders seem to coexist harmoniously.

    The long-awaited duel between Amon and Korra is coming. Will Korra be able to stop Amon from fulfilling his w…

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