Ah, where to start? Maybe I'll start with a bit of a self-introduction? Then we can move on to the more interesting subject: my review of the movie The Last Airbender.

As stated on my profile, I am completely new to Wikia. Currently I know virtually nothing about wiki code, so in the mean time most of my edits will consist of correcting some general errors on pages; I've been abusing the Random Page button to find a canon page in need of a proofread. (On this topic, could someone leave a quick message on my talk page telling me how to make those neat "user box" things I see on almost everyone's profile?)

Now that that's out of the way, here are a couple of reasons why I've decided to write my own review on The Last Airbender:

1. To be honest, it made me decide once and for all to join this wiki; I've been around as a "nony" for a while but haven't done much else than post an occasional comment. Why? Because I haven't watched the show in a long time, and after seeing the film I need to refresh my memory of the show. I'll be watching episodes online, but in the mean time being on a wiki dedicated to the Avatar fandom helps a ton.

2. I tend to be a very opinionated person, and I needed to get out my views on this somewhere.

Somehow the movie's page managed to get more comments than Sokka's page (which is relevant as of June 12, 2011). Sad, isn't it? If something popular has a lot of comments, most of the time this means that it's either A. really good, or B. really bad. Unfortunately, the movie falls into the later category.

My family rented The Last Airbender a few nights ago. I've read a lot of harsh reviews of it on the Internet, but my little sister's a huge fan of the series and really wanted to see it. Our dad was interested in the "bending" aspect and decided to watch it with us, which meant that my arguments of how bad it was according to the web were irrelevant.

Worst. Waste of time. Ever. I could go on and on about how the characters and plot were completely butchered, but I'll try to keep things concise.

First and foremost, the plot. Unlike several movies based on books that I could name, the plot of The Last Airbender stayed mostly true to the plot of Book 1: Water. However, in order to condense twenty episodes into an under-two-hour-long-movie, some aspects do have to be chopped out. Unfortunately, this called for a very choppy beginning. Nothing flowed at all. One scene jerks into the next, jumps into the next, hurls you into the next.... Worse, there was absolutely no expression during the narration, so it was hard to listen to and thus keep track of what was going on.

The scene encompassing the episode Imprisoned was absolutey terrible. For a summary of my opinion, check this comment by AvatarRokusGhost and the replies following.

Moving on, characters, which were also terrible. (I'm not going to comment on how their acting skills [or lack of them] because I'm a terrible actor myself.) There was nowhere near as much character development as there was in the show. Way to go, Shyamalan. You've managed to turn the entire amazing cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender into lifeless, 2-D characters with one personality trait. Nicely done.

Aang (or should I use Vulmen's spelling and say Ong?) had no hint of the playfulness that defined his character in the first season. I describe him with three sentences: "Hi, I'm the Avatar so I can never play! All my friends are dead so I can never feel happiness. D: Also I have no romantic attraction to Katara." I guess that's the reason why the quote on his film page is the simple, bland, "I know what to do."

Apart from Aang's happiness, what happened to Sokka's jokes? Suki? (Just because she was taking over the plot doesn't mean that she and the Kyoshi Warriors have to go away completely. Isn't a favorite-playing director a big red flag?) *sigh* Again, sarcastic applause for Shyamalan.

There are a lot of other things I could go on about, such as Momo and Appa's general irrelevance to the movie's plot, or the wise old Iroh turning into a hippie, but then I'd be rambling and you would get bored. This turned out much longer than expected to begin with.

Without further ranting, I give this movie a 1.5 out of 5. It did get somewhat better as it went on, but not by much (key word somewhat). My dad likes it, but he's never seen the show. Somehow my sister loves it, and she watches the show on a daily basis.

For all I can say, I hope that this was The Last Airbender Movie. (Lame joke ahoy!)

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