Recently I've been re watching Korra in preparation for Book four and just finished Book two for the second time. Now I've always felt that book two doesn't get enough credit, especially the ending which is commonly sited as a giant deus ex machina. After watching books one and two back to back not only am I now confident that The Legend of Korra is in fact equal to, if not better, than The Last Airbender (series). The style, story and characters all manage to work together to create a show whose dynamics feel fresh and exhilarating while remaining true to it's roots. The darker and more mature tone itself lets the show stand separate from its predecessor and leads to the inclusion of elements such as terrorism, murder and ideology which make the story more compelling and makes it feel more like an epic saga (which is my preferred story). I just had to get that out there...

Book Two doesn't feel any less intense than book one, it just feels like a bigger story in both it's scope and ambition. The humour feels more organic and generally gets bigger laughs out of me (I'll admit I didn't like Bolin until Book two). The story is mature and very character driven while also developing the Avatar mythology more than any other season. Upon rematching both seasons I've really begun to notice both the subtle and obvious developments in characters such as Tenzin and Korra. My particular favourite instances of this were seeing Korra try to reason with the rebels (instead of just beating them up)and the ending where she: Accepts Tenzin telling her the choice is up to her (she went on a rant when Mako previously told her the same thing) and deciding to make her own choices as the Avatar instead of simply following what people tell her or the choices they offer her.

In the final itself is much more awe inspiring once I understood how Korra produced her giant spirit form (energy bending her own spirit and augmenting it with the cosmic energy of the Tree of time) as well as how Wan fused with Ravva and why it took a Dark avatar to level the playing field. Unalaq was also a better written villain than I first thought, now making me see Zaheer as something of a rehash (although seeing as it's more of the red lotus' goal then an individual's this isn't too frustrating). Granted I still don't understand what Jinora did after Tenzin rescued her but..

Overall which ever series I see as the superior one tends to be the one I'm watching at the time, leading me to believe that these two masterpieces are fairly even in terms of quality. They both have their own shortcomings and successes (a lot of successes) and stand as two of the greatest television shows of all time (in my opinion). If you did read all of that thanks for your time. And I cannot wait for Book 4

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