• TheRealAvatar

    Hey Avatar fans out there!

    So this is TheRealAvatar and i just started on this even though i loved avatar ever since.

    Im just letting you guys know, even though theres not a lot of people actually looking at this, that i'm gonna be really active, so check out my fanfiction stuf  and my blogs!

    Thanks to anyone actually following me! Make sure to comment below an questions and comment on weekly questions! I will also be starting with fanfictions so i will need ideas for part of it, and if i like your ideas, i will give credit!(please dont comment  rude things!) Thanks!

    Oh yeah... 1st weekly question: Which episode?? The Boy in the Iceberg (1st episode in Water) OR Sozin's Comit Part 4 (Season Finale in Fire)? 

    Comment below!

    You gotta deal with it…

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