• TheLooserLord

    Why Kataang?

    July 27, 2010 by TheLooserLord

    Why Kataang? I, being observant have noticed from the very start of the series minor details within the series.

    Although I've never really been a hardcore "Kataang" or "zutara: or "Taang" fan like some are, I do like Katara and Aang as a romantic couple.

    In the Episode: "The Fortune Teller" Katara, Aang and sokka go to the fortune teller Aunt Wu and get there predictions. Katara was told that she would marry and "Very Powerful bender" and would have "A great Romance". As it is hinted and sujested in the show, Aang is a powerful bender who fancies Katara and they're relationship advances and developes through out the rest of the series.

    This is a more obvious hint of course, unlike many other smaller ones.

    In the "cave of the two Lovers" both …

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