Aang’s Iceberg Diary (G).

November 2. Well, looks I just got stuck in an iceberg with Appa. Starting to get a little hungry.

November 3. Appa told me about this dream he’s been having with a T-Rex playing the Tsungi horn. I didn’t know T-Rexes could hold something with those tiny arms. I also didn’t know Appa could talk.

November 5. We floated past the Fire Nation today. I thought about getting out for some Fire Flakes, but then I remembered that this iceberg doesn’t have a door.

November 9. I keep trying to get back to the surface, but there’s always this T-Rex floating above me. It’s kind of creepy. Better stay down here.

November 15. I felt a large rumbling. First I thought it was some earthbenders, then I thought it was Appa’s stomach. It was the T-Rex.

November 31. How many days does November have? I asked Appa and the T-Rex already, they both can’t remember. I think it’s 45. I really thought I’d be out of this thing by now.

November 45. It’s the end of the first month. Unless November has only 42 days. Then it’s December 3. Or 4. I really can’t keep track of dates inside an iceberg.

December 9 ½ . It’s getting really cold this winter. Unless that’s just because it’s an iceberg. And when does winter even start? This is getting confusing.

December 17. I think it’s winter now. The T-Rex says he’s freezing. Me and Appa are already frozen.

December something or other. The year’s almost over. I wished Appa and the T-Rex happy new year. Appa says he wished there was cake.

January 3.15…Umm. Man if I had a math test right now, I’d fail. I can’t remember Pi. I’d probably forget my abacus anyway. And my pants.

January 16 I think. It’s Appa’s birthday. He still wants cake. I told him he could have some ice instead. Appa wasn’t amused.

February 3. Ever had one of those weird dreams that turns out to be true? Appa did. The T-Rex can play the Tsungi horn.

February 23. So the iceberg floated pretty close to the surface today. I saw this angry guy with a ponytail and this fat guy drinking tea. He seemed to be looking for someone. Maybe his mother.

March 17. Happy Saint Patricks day! The T-Rex tried to dance a jig today. He fell off the iceberg.

March 23. I saw some people fishing today. They busted me and Appa out of this iceberg. The T-Rex said he wanted to stay underwater and visit his grandmother. One of the fishers has a ponytail. He got annoyed about it when I told him. I guess that’s it then. Until we meet again guys! LIVE FROM NEW YORK! IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!

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