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  • TheLoKnessmonster

    Hello Avatar Wikians!  The title should be pretty self explanatory.  I now have sheet music for secret tunnel!  "How?" you say?  I transcribed it myself.  Not familiar with Secret tunnel? Watch The Cave of Two Lovers. It's kind of hard to miss. Yes, it does include the "and die" part Chong forgot, but remembered later. It is here: [[1]]

    I transcribed it for piano, but I don't think it would be all that hard to adapt to other instruments (though please correct me if I'm wrong). You can play it on the website by clicking on the "play" tab at the top right, and selecting play from start. Or you could press the play button in the lower left. I hope you all enjoy!


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  • TheLoKnessmonster

    Aang’s Iceberg Diary (G).

    November 2. Well, looks I just got stuck in an iceberg with Appa. Starting to get a little hungry.

    November 3. Appa told me about this dream he’s been having with a T-Rex playing the Tsungi horn. I didn’t know T-Rexes could hold something with those tiny arms. I also didn’t know Appa could talk.

    November 5. We floated past the Fire Nation today. I thought about getting out for some Fire Flakes, but then I remembered that this iceberg doesn’t have a door.

    November 9. I keep trying to get back to the surface, but there’s always this T-Rex floating above me. It’s kind of creepy. Better stay down here.

    November 15. I felt a large rumbling. First I thought it was some earthbenders, then I thought it was Appa’s stomach. It was the T-Rex.…

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  • TheLoKnessmonster

    We did it!

    March 21, 2012 by TheLoKnessmonster

    Hi! I'm TheLoKnessmonster and I just found out that we got 100,000 likes, and get to see the release on Saturday! I'm not sure if this is important enough to write my first blog post about, but I hope it is. I know this means we're going to get a rush of new articles and that will greatly increase the information we have on this wiki. I also want to say that if anyone has seen the leak to also watch both the Korra Nation airing and the TV airing to help the show's rating. I hope that we get to learn about Sokka in the premier, who's the only original member of team avatar we haven't heard about. Sokka is by the way my favorite charachter, because of his comic attitude and his puns, like my username. What do you think happens to him? (…

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