Well friends it seems that yet another wikian will be leaving today. Due to a number of reasons I will be exiting stage right to invest my time in real life. Not that the wiki has taken up to much of my time, but I feel as if I stress myself out on here to much and somtimes when an argument or topic, friendly or not/ goes unresolved, it ends up screwing up my studies and occupys my mind. I also just feel like the wiki is dead at this point in time, not much to talk about and when we do talk about anything it almost always ends with an argument. Now thats not the wiki or any people on here's fault. Many people try to bring up topics and discussions but at this point its a wasted effort and its not like were gonna be getting any info soon from nick. Ive been meaning to leave for a while now but always came back due to friends on here and I thank each and everyone of you who kept me busy with awesome convos over one of my favorite tv shows ever. But for now my friends, please try not to kill each other while im gone. Its only a tv show in the end ;)

P.S. I will return as soon as book 2 arrives, hopefully by then the mood around here will lighten up a bit :)

Riddle me that...

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