• TheAirDragon

    Zuko in Book:3 was...

    September 13, 2014 by TheAirDragon

    I realise this may be a rather pessimistic article and I wouldn't have written it if I actually saw this discussed anywhere else. I have made efforts to find some type of thread or blog discussing this topic to little avail. This will be very short and blunt as the primary purpose for this blog post it for people to actually discuss it below... so did anyone feel like Zuko in Book 3 was... er... WASTED?!

    Yes, yes, this may have been mere set up for Book 4 and my whining here may become utterly invalid in retrospect, however his whole presence in Book 3 felt like one big waste and that he was there for the sake of being there and to get a little squeal out of fans. It was fine at first but after P'li's escape he does nothing aside from being…

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