So, after many complaints about my treatment of uncredited images, I created a system which consists of flagging such images and notifying the uploader with an automated warning message telling him what his image is missing and how to fix it. The flag categorizes problematic images into the Media with missing information category during three days and after that it switches them to the Candidates for speedy deletion category. I think three days is more than sufficient for any active user to properly credit their images. And once the deadline is exceeded, images are deleted on sight.

However, bear in mind that site maintenance is a community effort and responsibility, so I expect everyone to contribute by flagging uncredited images and educating editors on how to comply with all our policies. For this I added the template to the edit tools under the "Useful Templates" section for everybody's convenience. This way, every time you spot an image without license, source, or both all you have to do is edit it and click on the appropriate Unknown template. You can also notify the uploader by copying the code from the produced template ({{subst:Unknown/Imagemsg|{{{1}}}|Unknown}} ~~~~). This is not mandatory, but it will hasten the crediting process and guarantee that the image does not get deleted.

I count on everyone's collaboration.

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