Due to recent discussions and developments pertaining to character profile images, I think it's due time to come up with a consensual protocol which the majority can find satisfactory and practical. It should avoid situations in which someone proposes an image that actually improves an article but the effort falls flat because no one bothered to engage in the discussion or people just forget about it, like this. On the other hand, it should also avoid whimsical proposals such as this one in which the proposer doesn't even provide a good founded reason to change the image. Just saying "I want to change the image, so vote away" is not viable, because it doesn't prevent someone else from doing the exact same thing within a week. This way images will be hostage to the whim of the majority who happen to be active to vote at a given time.

IMO, every image change should comply with three main criteria:

  1. The proposers should must support their suggestions with a sensible reason for replacement ("it is an accurate representation of the character/plot");
  2. If a discussion ensues and:
    1. there's no consensus between all the people involved, then a ballot will be placed forward;
    2. the people involved are all in agreement and after three days no one else voice their objections, then the image can be replaced without voting;
  3. If #2 does not apply and, after three days, no one replies, then the image can be replaced without discussion or voting.

To prevent oversights from the community, the admins will announce every proposal (and the eventual voting procedure) on the community corner so that every active user is alerted. Finally, since talk pages are obsolete on this wikia and you can only access them by typing the url, every proposal should be confined to a mainspace page, like Avatar Wiki:Profile Image Change. The procedure should be similar to that of Featured articles.

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