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Original name Target name
Aang (Games)]] [[Aang (games)]]
[[Aang's Armor]] [[Aang's armor]]
[[Aang's Conical Hat]] [[Aang's conical hat]]
[[Aang's Shaving Tool]] [[Aang's shaving tool]]
Aang's Staff]] [[Aang's staff]]
[[Aardvark Sloth]] [[Aardvark sloth]]
[[Air Nomad Boy]] [[Air Nomad boy]]
Air Nomad Glider]] [[Air Nomad glider]]
[[Air Nomad Statues]] [[Air Nomad statues]]
[[Air Temple Sanctuaries]] [[Air temple sanctuaries]]
[[Airship Captain]] [[Airship captain]]
[[Animal Control Officer]] [[Animal control officer]]
[[Animal Guide]] [[Animal guide]]
[[Appa's Armor]] [[Appa's armor]]
[[Appa's Saddle]] [[Appa's saddle]]
[[Arctic Hen]] [[Arctic hen]]
[[Arctic Hippo]] [[Arctic hippo]]
[[Armadillo Bear]] [[Armadillo bear]]
[[Armadillo Lion]] [[Armadillo lion]]
[[Armadillo Wolf]] [[Armadillo wolf]]
[[Ash Banana]] [[Ash banana]]
Avatar Relics]] [[Avatar relics]]
[[Azula's Ship]] [[Azula's ship]]
Azula's Ship Captain]] [[Azula's ship captain]]
[[Azula's Sleeping Robe]] [[Azula's sleeping robe]]
[[Ba Sing Se University Student]] [[Ba Sing Se University student]]
[[Bacui Berries]] [[Bacui berries]]
[[Banished Servant]] [[Banished servant]]
[[Banyan-Grove Tree]] [[Banyan-grove tree]]
[[Bearded Cat]] [[Bearded cat]]
[[Beetle-Headed Merchants]] [[Beetle-headed merchants]]
[[Beifong Family]] [[Beifong family]]
[[Beifong Family Document]] [[Beifong family document]]
Bending Arts]] [[Bending arts]]
[[Betrothal Necklace]] [[Betrothal necklace]]
[[Bison Polo]] [[Bison polo]]
[[Bison Whistle]] [[Bison whistle]]
[[Blasting Jelly]] [[Blasting jelly]]
[[Blubbered Seal Jerky]] [[Blubbered seal jerky]]
[[Blue Jay]] [[Blue jay]]
[[Booby Traps]] [[Booby traps]]
[[Broadsword Man]] [[Broadsword man]]
[[Buffalo Yak]] [[Buffalo yak]]
[[Bull Pig]] [[Bull pig]]
[[Bully Guard]] [[Bully guard]]
[[Bumi's Advisor]] [[Bumi's advisor]]
[[Buzzard Wasp]] [[Buzzard wasp]]
[[Cabbage Slug]] [[Cabbage slug]]
[[Cactus Juice]] [[Cactus juice]]
[[Calm Man]] [[Calm man]]
[[Canyon Crawler]] [[Canyon crawler]]
[[Canyon Guide]] [[Canyon guide]]
[[Cat Owl]] [[Cat owl]]
[[Ceremonial Raccoon Headpiece]] [[Ceremonial raccoon headpiece]]
[[Chan (Fire Nation Admiral)]] [[Chan (Fire Nation admiral)]]
[[Chit Sang's Friend]] [[Chit Sang's friend]]
[[Chit Sang's Girlfriend]] [[Chit Sang's girlfriend]]
[[Circus Master]] [[Circus master]]
[[Circus Trainer]] [[Circus trainer]]
Corn Man]] [[Corn man]]
[[Cow Hippo]] [[Cow hippo]]
[[Crown Prince Headpiece]] [[Crown Prince headpiece]]
[[Curly-Tailed Blue Nose]] [[Curly-tailed blue nose]]
[[Dragon Egg]] [[Dragon egg]]
[[Dragon Hawk]] Dragon hawk]]
[[Dragon Moose]] [[Dragon moose]]
Dual Dao Swords]] [[Dual dao swords]]
[[Earth Kingdom Ferry]] [[Earth Kingdom ferry]]
[[Earth Kingdom Harbor]] [[Earth Kingdom harbor]]
Earth Kingdom Rebellions]] [[Earth Kingdom rebellions]]
Earth Kingdom Supply Truck]] [[Earth Kingdom supply truck]]
[[Earth Soccer]] [[Earth soccer]]
[[Earthbender Captain]] [[Earthbender captain]]
[[Earthbending Powered Tank]] [[Earthbending-powered tank]]
[[Earthbending Training]] [[Earthbending training]]
[[Eclipse Glasses]] [[Eclipse glasses]]
[[Eel Hound]] [[Eel hound]]
[[Egg Custard Tart]] [[Egg custard tart]]
Elbow Leech]] [[Elbow leech]]
[[Elephant Koi]] [[Elephant koi]]
[[Elephant Mandrill]] [[Elephant mandrill]]
[[Elephant Rat]] [[Elephant rat]]
[[Emotional Prisoner]] [[Emotional prisoner]]
[[Empire-Class Battleship]] [[Empire-class battleship]]
[[Equalist Revolt]] [[Equalist revolt]]
[[Era Before the Avatar]] [[Era before the Avatar]]
Farmer and Wife]] [[Farmer and wife]]
[[Fire Ferret]] [[Fire ferret]]
[[Fire Gummies]] [[Fire gummies]]
[[Fire Lily]] [[Fire lily]]
[[Fire Lord Headpiece]] [[Fire Lord headpiece]]
Fire Nation Airship]] [[Fire Nation airship]]
[[Fire Nation Army Factory]] [[Fire Nation army factory]]
[[Fire Nation Bar]] [[Fire Nation bar]]
[[Fire Nation Bar Patron]] [[Fire Nation bar patron]]
[[Fire Nation Bar Patron's Friend]] [[Fire Nation bar patron's friend]]
[[Fire Nation Bazaar]] [[Fire Nation bazaar]]
[[Fire Nation Circus]] [[Fire Nation circus]]
[[Fire Nation Colonies]] [[Fire Nation colonies]]
[[Fire Nation Company Leader]] [[Fire Nation company leader]]
[[Fire Nation Cruiser]] [[Fire Nation cruiser]]
Fire Nation Drill]] [[Fire Nation drill]]
[[Fire Nation Engineer]] [[Fire Nation engineer]]
[[Fire Nation Man]] [[Fire Nation man]]
[[Fire Nation Music Teacher]] [[Fire Nation music teacher]]
Fire Nation School]] [[Fire Nation school]]
[[Fire Nation Train]] [[Fire Nation train]]
[[Fire Nation Train Engineer]] [[Fire Nation train engineer]]
[[Fire Nation Trap]] [[Fire Nation trap]]
[[Fire Nation Trebuchet]] [[Fire Nation trebuchet]]
[[Fire Navy Blockade]] [[Fire Navy blockade]]
[[Fire Navy Communications Towers]] [[Fire Navy communications towers]]
[[Fire Navy Officer]] [[Fire Navy officer]]
[[Firebending Training]] [[Firebending training]]
[[Fisherman's Wife]] [[Fisherman's wife]]
[[Flaming Fire Flakes]] [[Flaming fire flakes]]
[[Flower Shop]] [[Flower shop]]
[[Flyer Distribution Man]] [[Flyer distribution man]]
Flying Bison]] [[Flying bison]]
[[Flying Bison Painting]] [[Flying bison painting]]
[[Flying Boar]] [[Flying boar]]
[[Flying Fish-Opotamus]] [[Flying fish-opotamus]]
Foaming Mouth Guy]] [[Foaming mouth guy]]
[[Fox Antelope]] [[Fox antelope]]
[[Fruit Pie]] [[Fruit pie]]
[[Gemsbok Bull]] [[Gemsbok bull]]
[[General Fong's Fortress]] [[General Fong's fortress]]
[[Gharial Hog]] [[Gharial hog]]
Giant Fly]] [[Giant fly]]
[[Giant Rhinoceros Beetle]] [[Giant rhinoceros beetle]]
[[Giant Wolf]] [[Giant wolf]]
[[Glow Fly]] [[Glow fly]]
[[Goat Dog]] [[Goat dog]]
[[Gondola Guards]] [[Gondola guards]]
[[Gopher Bear]] [[Gopher bear]]
[[Gorilla Goat]] [[Gorilla goat]]
[[Governor's Wife]] [[Governor's wife]]
[[Guard Captain]] [[Guard captain]]
[[Hair Loopies]] [[Hair loopies]]
[[Hama's Inn]] [[Hama's inn]]
[[Hama's Prison]] [[Hama's prison]]
[[Hama's Village]] [[Hama's village]]
[[Harbor Town]] [[Harbor town]]
[[Haru's Mother]] [[Haru's mother]]
[[Hermit Crab]] [[Hermit crab]]
[[Hog Monkey]] [[Hog monkey]]
[[Hook Swords]] [[Hook swords]]
[[Hospital in Song's Village]] Hospital in Song's village]]
[[Hot Air Balloon]] [[Hot air balloon]]
[[Hybrid Pigs]] [[Hybrid pigs]]
[[Ice Cream]] [[Ice cream]]
Ice Dodging]] [[Ice dodging]]
[[Ice Torpedo]] [[Ice torpedo]]
[[Iceberg Spikes]] [[Iceberg spikes]]
[[Iguana Seal]] Iguana seal]]
[[Iroh and Zuko's Apartment]] [[Iroh and Zuko's apartment]]
[[Iroh Painting]] [[Iroh painting]]
Iroh's Sandal]] [[Iroh's sandal]]
[[Jet Ski]] [[Jet ski]]
[[Jin Wei (Games)]] [[Jin Wei (games)]]
[[Katara (Games)]] [[Katara (games)]]
[[Katara's Amulet]] [[Katara's amulet]]
[[Katara's Diary]] [[Katara's diary]]
[[Katara's Necklace]] [[Katara's necklace]]
[[Kaya (Village Girl)]] [[Kaya (village girl)]]
[[Koala Sheep]] [[Koala sheep]]
[[Koko (Kyoshi's Daughter)]] [[Koko (Kyoshi's daughter)]]
[[Komodo Chicken]] [[Komodo chicken]]
Komodo Rhino]] [[Komodo rhino]]
[[Komodo Sausage]] [[Komodo sausage]]
[[Kya (Pilot)]] [[Kya (pilot)]]
[[Kyoshi Warriors' Weapons]] [[Kyoshi Warriors' weapons]]
[[Large Earth Coins]] [[Large earth coins]]
Lee (Earth Kingdom Boy)]] [[Lee (Earth Kingdom boy)]]
[[Lee (Fire Nation Captain)]] Lee (Fire Nation captain)]]
[[Lee Family Pig Farm]] Lee family pig farm]]
[[Leechi Nuts]] [[Leechi nuts]]
[[Lion Turtle (Species)]] [[Lion turtle (species)]]
[[Lion Vulture]] [[Lion vulture]]
[[Little Boy]] [[Little boy]]
[[Long-eared Rabbit]] [[Long-eared rabbit]]
[[Lowly Guard]] [[Lowly guard]]
[[Macahoni Berries]] [[Macahoni berries]]
[[Mai's House]] [[Mai's house]]
[[Mai's Weapons]] [[Mai's weapons]]
[[Malu (Trading-Card Game)]] [[Malu (trading-card game)]]
[[Meadow Vole]] [[Meadow vole]]
[[Metalbender Cops]] Metalbender cops]]
[[Ming (Games)]] [[Ming (games)]]
[[Ming-Ming's Grandmother]] [[Ming-Ming's grandmother]]
[[Mining Village]] [[Mining village]]
[[Mongoose Dragon]] [[Mongoose dragon]]
[[Monkey Statue]] [[Monkey statue]]
[[Moon Flower]] [[Moon flower]]
[[Moon Peach]] [[Moon peach]]
[[Mother Sky Bison]] [[Mother sky bison]]
[[Mountain Prison]] [[Mountain prison]]
[[Ocean Kumquat]] [[Ocean kumquat]]
[[Odd Spirit]] [[Odd spirit]]
[[Old Fire Nation Civilian]] [[Old Fire Nation civilian]]
[[Old Fisherman]] [[Old fisherman]]
[[Old Wanderer]] [[Old wanderer]]
[[Omashu Delivery System]] [[Omashu delivery system]]
[[Onion-Banana Juice]] [[Onion-banana juice]]
[[Order of the White Lotus Camp]] [[Order of the White Lotus camp]]
[[Organ Grinder]] [[Organ grinder]]
[[Ostrich Horse]] [[Ostrich horse]]
[[Outer Space]] [[Outer space]]
[[Ozai's Airship Base]] [[Ozai's airship base]]
[[Ozai's Beach House]] [[Ozai's beach house]]
[[Ozai's Personal Airship]] [[Ozai's personal airship]]
[[Painted Lady Statuettes]] [[Painted Lady statuettes]]
[[Palace Woman]] [[Palace woman]]
[[Panda Lily]] [[Panda lily]]
[[Pang Family]] [[Pang family]]
[[Passport Attendant]] [[Passport attendant]]
[[Peasant Uprising in Ba Sing Se]] Peasant uprising in Ba Sing Se]]
[[Penguin Sledding]] [[Penguin sledding]]
[[Pet Shop Owner]] [[Pet shop owner]]
Piandao's Castle]] [[Piandao's castle]]
[[Pirate Captain]] [[Pirate captain]]
[[Pirate Ship Boutique]] [[Pirate ship boutique]]
Plains Village]] [[Plains village]]
[[Planetary Calendar Room]] [[Planetary calendar room]]
Platypus Bear]] [[Platypus bear]]
[[Platypus Bear Egg]] [[Platypus bear egg]]
[[Poison Knife]] [[Poison knife]]
Polar Bear Dog]] Polar bear dog]]
[[Polar Bear Dog (LoK)]] Polar bear dog (Legend of Korra)]]
[[Polar Leopard]] [[Polar leopard]]
[[Polar Sea Lion]] Polar sea lion]]
[[Possum Chicken]] [[Possum chicken]]
[[Prickle Snake]] [[Prickle snake]]
[[Purple Berries]] [[Purple berries]]
[[Purple Pentapus]] [[Purple pentapus]]
[[Pygmy Puma]] [[Pygmy puma]]
[[Quarry Campsite]] [[Quarry campsite]]
[[Quilled Chameleon]] [[Quilled chameleon]]
[[Quotes (Comics)]] [[Quotes (comics)]]
[[Raven Eagle]] [[Raven eagle]]
[[Rendezvous Map]] [[Rendezvous map]]
[[Reptile Bird]] [[Reptile bird]]
[[Ring-Tailed Winged-Lemur]] Ring-tailed winged-lemur]]
River Village]] [[River village]]
[[Roadside Kiosk]] [[Roadside kiosk]]
[[Roast Duck]] [[Roast duck]]
[[Rock Gloves]] [[Rock gloves]]
[[Roku's Island]] [[Roku's island]]
Roku's Waterbending Teacher]] [[Roku's Waterbending teacher]]
[[Royal Armor]] [[Royal armor]]
[[Royal Messenger]] [[Royal messenger]]
[[Royal Servants]] [[Royal servants]]
[[Royal Spa]] [[Royal spa]]
[[Saber-Tooth Moose-Lion]] Saber-tooth moose-lion]]
[[Sacred Crystal Orb]] [[Sacred crystal orb]]
[[Scared Agent]] [[Scared agent]]
[[Scary Prisoner]] [[Scary prisoner]]
[[Scorpion Bee]] [[Scorpion bee]]
[[Screeching Dodo]] [[Screeching dodo]]
[[Sea Lion]] [[Sea lion]]
[[Sea Prune]] [[Sea prune]]
[[Sea Raven]] [[Sea raven]]
[[Sea Vulture]] [[Sea vulture]]
[[Secluded Hot Springs]] [[Secluded hot springs]]
[[Seedy Merchants Pier]] [[Seedy merchants pier]]
[[Senlin Village Leader]] [[Senlin Village leader]]
[[Shirshu-Spit Darts]] [[Shirshu-spit darts]]
[[Shu (Fire Nation General)]] [[Shu (Fire Nation general)]]
[[Singing Groundhog]] [[Singing groundhog]]
[[Skunk Bear]] [[Skunk bear]]
[[Smoked Sea Slug]] [[Smoked sea slug]]
Snail Sloth]] [[Snail sloth]]
[[Sokka (Pilot)]] [[Sokka (pilot)]]
Sokka's Sword]] [[Sokka's sword]]
Sokka's Weapons]] [[Sokka's weapons]]
[[Song's Mother]] [[Song's mother]]
[[Song's Village]] Song's village]]
[[Sooty Copper Fritillary]] [[Sooty copper fritillary]]
[[Southern Raiders Commander]] [[Southern Raiders commander]]
[[Southern Raiders Frigate]] [[Southern Raiders frigate]]
Southern Water Tribe Raids]] [[Southern Water Tribe raids]]
[[Sozin's Dragon]] [[Sozin's dragon]]
[[Spark Rocks]] [[Spark rocks]]
[[Specialized Bending Techniques]] [[Specialized bending techniques]]
[[Spider Cat]] [[Spider cat]]
[[Spirit World Firefly]] Spirit world firefly]]
[[Star Chart]] [[Star chart]]
Summer Solstice]] [[Summer solstice]]
[[Sun Warrior Chief]] [[Sun Warrior chief]]
[[Sun Warriors' Ancient City]] [[Sun Warriors' ancient city]]
[[Surface-to-Air Rocks]] [[Surface-to-air rocks]]
[[Swordsmanship Training]] [[Swordsmanship training]]
[[Tahn's Sister]] [[Tahn's sister]]
[[Tangle Mines]] [[Tangle mines]]
[[Tank Train]] [[Tank train]]
[[Tax Collector]] [[Tax collector]]
[[Team Avatar's Home]] [[Team Avatar's home]]
[[The Boy in the Iceberg (Play)]] [[The Boy in the Iceberg (play)]]
Ticket Lady]] [[Ticket lady]]
[[Time Candles]] [[Time candles]]
[[Timing Device]] [[Timing device]]
[[Toph's Bracelet]] [[Toph's bracelet]]
[[Tough Criminal]] [[Tough criminal]]
[[Town Authority]] [[Town authority]]
[[Trebuchet Operators]] [[Trebuchet operators]]
[[Treetop Hideout]] [[Treetop hideout]]
[[Tsungi Horn]] [[Tsungi horn]]
Tundra Tank]] [[Tundra tank]]
[[Turkey Duck]] [[Turkey duck]]
[[Turtle Duck]] [[Turtle duck]]
[[Turtle Seal]] [[Turtle seal]]
[[Two-Headed Fish]] [[Two-headed fish]]
[[Two-Headed Rat Viper]] [[Two-headed rat viper]]
[[Unidentified Dragon]] [[Unidentified dragon]]
[[Unnamed Earth Kingdom Boys]] [[Unnamed Earth Kingdom boys]]
[[Unnamed Fire Nation Boy]] [[Unnamed Fire Nation boy]]
[[Village Resort]] [[Village resort]]
[[Viscous Slime]] [[Viscous slime]]
[[Walrus Yak]] [[Walrus yak]]
[[Warden's Bodyguards]] [[Warden's bodyguards]]
[[Water Skin]] [[Water skin]]
[[Water Tribe Wolf Armor]] [[Water Tribe wolf armor]]
[[Waterbending Powered Submarine]] [[Waterbending-powered submarine]]
[[Waterbending Scroll]] [[Waterbending scroll]]
[[Waterbending Training]] [[Waterbending training]]
[[Waterfall Lagoon]] [[Waterfall lagoon]]
[[Waterfall Pond]] [[Waterfall pond]]
[[Watermelon Juice]] [[Watermelon juice]]
[[Weapons Store Shopkeeper]] [[Weapons store shopkeeper]]
[[Whale Tooth Comb]] [[Whale tooth comb]]
[[Whale's Tooth Scimitar]] [[Whale's tooth scimitar]]
[[White Dragon Bush]] [[White dragon bush]]
White Hamster]] [[White hamster]]
[[White Jade Bush]] [[White jade bush]]
[[White Lotus]] [[White lotus]]
[[Wood Frog]] [[Wood frog]]
[[Yon Rha's Mother]] [[Yon Rha's mother]]
[[Young Water Tribe Girl]] [[Young Water Tribe girl]]
[[Yum Soon Han Family]] [[Yum Soon Han family]]
[[Zuko (Games)]] [[Zuko (games)]]
[[Zuko (Pilot)]] [[Zuko (pilot)]]
[[Zuko's Campsite]] [[Zuko's campsite]]
[[Zuko's Pearl-Handled Dagger]] [[Zuko's pearl-handled dagger]]
[[Zuko's Plaster Cast]] [[Zuko's plaster cast]]
Zuko's Ship]] [[Zuko's ship]]
[[Zuko's Telescope]] [[Zuko's telescope]]
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