Pro-bending sounds like a fun sport. What if you could play it in real life? Actually, you can! Just use the rules that have already been given on the pro-bending page but with minor changes to adapt the game to real life, such as:

  • All three "elements" must have approximately equal amounts of ammunition available.
  • If a player runs out of ammunition, he/she must move backwards one zone and stay there until the team gains ground.
  • If a team runs out of ammunition in a zone, the whole team must move back a zone and stay there.
  • When a team gains ground or loses ground as a whole, a moment may be taken to refill any already-depleted ammunition in all zones.
  • If a team runs out of ammunition and is in the final zone, the team has lost.
  • If both sides run out at about the same time, the round is over.
  • At the end of every round, all ammunition must be reset.

Other rules can be "house rules", such as how many substitutes each team is allowed to have on the sidelines. In addition, the scale of the arena can be adjusted to fit the playing field available.

Since people can't really bend the elements, the three bending arts used in the Avatar version must be replaced by real-life equivalents.

  • Waterbenders could use water guns, buckets of water balloons, and maybe even hoses with on/off nozzles and water-filledbuckets; it depends on how wet you're willing to get.
  • Earthbenders could use tennis balls, dodgeballs, and any other balls that cause minimum pain on impact; the balls would be stored in baskets to prevent them from rolling away. Alternatively, they could use frisbee golf discs to more closely resemble LOK's earthbending.
  • Firebenders could have two variations, depending on the age of the players and on how much pain you're willing to endure.
    • The all-ages version of firebending would be dart guns; be sure to have a lot of darts ready, since they go quickly. An advantage of dart guns is that you can just pick up the enemy's darts for a mid-match refill.
    • For more 'adventurous' players, paintballs would up the ante of a pro-bending match; you could even use red, orange, and yellow paintballs to look more like fire. (Or Azula fans could use blue instead.)

Pro-bending can be very fun to play, but it can also be dangerous, so be careful. :)

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