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    Pro-bending sounds like a fun sport. What if you could play it in real life? Actually, you can! Just use the rules that have already been given on the pro-bending page but with minor changes to adapt the game to real life, such as:

    • All three "elements" must have approximately equal amounts of ammunition available.
    • If a player runs out of ammunition, he/she must move backwards one zone and stay there until the team gains ground.
    • If a team runs out of ammunition in a zone, the whole team must move back a zone and stay there.
    • When a team gains ground or loses ground as a whole, a moment may be taken to refill any already-depleted ammunition in all zones.
    • If a team runs out of ammunition and is in the final zone, the team has lost.
    • If both sides run …
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  • Teddybearlover

    i am leaving the wiki Because im tired of waiting for TLA:LOK and the promise trilogy. but i " promise " to be back when TLA:LOK comes out.

    "Until we meet again, guys!" see ya.

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