Hi everyone, Godsrule here with another coding blog. The previous one was about coding a Signature, and this one is about how to properly code an image. Also for any coding issues you can contact me.

Main Syntax

The image sytax starts off with a


Then you put the image name in. In this case I am using a image titled Aang and Lion Turtle. I would start off with

[[File:Aang and Lion Turtle.png

and then place a ]] at the end giving

[[File:Aang and Lion Turtle.png]]

Before we place the image on the page we want to set the size of the image. To set the size just after the image syntax but before the ]]. Add | and the size in pixels. For instance if I wanted to change it to 200px I would type

[[File:Aang and Lion Turtle.png|200px]]

and it would give me this. Aang and Lion Turtle


To make it into to a thumbnail type image after the pixel part I would add |thumb to make

[[File:Aang and Lion Turtle.png|200px|thumb]]

then you add |left, |right, or |center, a | followed by the description. All together we get

[[File:Aang and Lion Turtle.png|200px|thumb|right|Test Description]]
which results in
Aang and Lion Turtle

Test Description

The Order for this is:

  1. [[
  2. File:
  3. File Name
  4. Thumb
  5. Position
  6. Description
  7. ]]


Main Syntax

Note: A common problem is that the File: part is missing from the syntax


Note: When placing the image in the infobox make sure that you don't place the syntax parts from thumbnail into the infobox.

Final Words

Hopefully this shall help you and I will see you in the next coding blog Gods Rule! Aang Cosmic Not Spirits Bending emblems 00:10, August 18, 2012 (UTC)

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