Gud Bye Wiki

I hate to say this, but I must leave this wiki. I know this is a bit all of a sudden but this wiki is affecting my school. I end up spending too much time on the wiki and not enough in real life. So I have to move on. I will really miss you guys and my fanons. So here are a few messages.

To the lover of Katara: Please publish Visions and Decoys for me. Thank you. It has been wonderful working with you. Feel free to continue with it. Flameo has agreed to help you with it.
To the most original nerdling here: Sorry about not completing my project on the characters page.
To the Henry of jh98: Sorry we could never talk. I wished to write a Eragon crossover.
To the man brave enough to let the Kettle meet the Pot: Don't think that our discussion is at fault for this.
To the best Acer on the wiki: Please format this for me. Then publish it for me. It is my last wish.
To all my A:TMOA fans. Here is what I wrote of Chapter 3.
"In, and out. In, and out. Good job Kyoshi," said Jee. Kyoshi was beginning her firebending training. Her day began with some breathing exercises taught by Jee. Then she moved onto her history class with Lee. Here she learnt the awesomeness of firebending and then pure awesomeness of firebending and the awesomely pure awesomeness of firebending.
To the sandwich of chakras: Publish the photos for me. Thank you.
To the M'lady and wjx: Don't remove my rollback now. I would like to keep it for as long as I can so that if I can come back I can better help the wiki.
To the best season on the wiki: I enjoyed our talks on the sea of iar. Take care.
To the rabid Dai Li fangirl: Write more FAS articles for me, thank you.
To the best waterbender on the wiki: I NEED MORE WANWtE FROM YOU. UNDERSTAND! Thank you.
To the ghost of Roku: I won't be able to beta-read so you can remove me from the list.
To the flame that is blue: Thank you for making the Iar Sea so much fun to swim in.
To my usergroups: I wish to resign. That is all.
To : Take care and gud buy.

I have enjoyed this ride with you all. I have enjoyed the past three years we have spent together. And I hate to have to say this but, I will Gud buy. But don't take this a gud buy forever for I will return eventually. I would also like to thank M'lady and KFB for helping me post this blog. Srijay KTechFilmer