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Hey Everyone, Godsrule here with a different type of blog this time, this blog is a test interview for FFF (Fanon Fact Finders) Today I am interviewing Henryjh98 about his fanon Burning Air which he is co-writing with Sokka jr Burning Air is a fanon detailing the adventures of Kyfu - The only Master State User (The Master State is like the Avatar State, but only for that person's element.) - and his adventures after Aang goes missing. So without further ado, may I give you the author of Avatar: The Sole Woodbender and co-author of Burning Air Henryjh98!


  1. Hey Henry, how are you doing? -I am doing good, thank you.
  2. Why did you call it Burning Air? - Well, Sokka jr and I had a long message thread about the fanon, much of which took up brainstorming for the name. We decided on Burning Air, because it is about the Air Nomad Genocide, in which the Airbenders were massacered by the Fire Nation. Hence, Fire + Air = Burning Air.
  3. Cool, so how did you come up with the idea for Burning Air? - Sokka jr, my co-writer, really came up with the actual idea, but he came to me to ask if I wanted to write it with him. The obvious answer was yes (duh!). So we both worked very hard to develop the story.
  4. For those who haven't read it, what is Burning Air? - Burning Air is a fanon describing the events leading up to the Genocide of the Air Nomads, the Genocide, and the aftermath. It follows the story of Kyfu, a young boy at the Southern Air Temple, best friends with Aang, and Hikaze, a Fire Nation spy. Hikaze is supposed to infiltrate the Air Temples and find the Avatar, so they can eliminate him and then decimate the Air Nomads, thus ending all threats to the Fire Nation.
  5. Who are the villains in the story? - The villians are the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Sozin.
  6. And the protagonists? - Monk Gyatso, Sister Yoi, and Kyfu are all the protaganists. Though there might be another sneaking on into this list...
  7. Why did you choose the names Kyfu and Hikaze for the main characters? - Same thing about that long thread. I did some Google Translating for some Japenese words and I did air, wind, and strong winds. Strong winds was the word Kyofu (強風) , and Sokka jr and I both liked that, but we shortened it to Kyfu. Kyofu just sounded to girly for a boy. Then I wanted something to do with fire and air (like Burning Air) for the Fire Nation spy's name, so I Google Translated Fire Wind into Japenese, which turned out to be "Hi no Kaze (火の風)". We took away the "no" and combined "Hi" and "Kaze", conceiving the name Hikaze. I just found out that Hikaze means Non-wind. Interesting...
  8. Kyfu, Is he like you or is Hikaze more like you? - Right now, I'd say Kyfu is more like me. Loyal, smart, awesome (XD), and young. Kyfu is also kind, compassionate, and very gifted in many different aspects. Thought Hikaze will be changing into a different character later in the series, but right now that is confidential information.
  9. Do you feel that Mozukai (The main chacarter from A:TSW) and Kyfu are alike? - Hmm, this is a hard question. They have some qualities, like their loyalty, intelligence, and bending powers, that are alike, but I'd say they are very different characters. Mozukai is not quite as burdened as Kyfu is, and he is older. Both of them are gifted with a one-of-a-kind power, but Mozukai's is way more different. Overall, I think Mozukai and Kyfu are very different characters.
  10. Will you be exploring the other Master State users? - No, we will not, because there is only ever one Master State bender at a time, from the same nation as the Avatar. So if it was canon, Korra would have a waterbender companion that is a Master State bender.
  11. Do you feel that working with Sokka jr makes it tougher than A:TSW? - Most definitely. With ATSW, I can come up with all the ideas, but with Burning Air Sokka jr and I collaborate for the ideas. It is much harder than it seems.
  12. How much of the fanon do you write and how much does Sokka Jr. write (percentage wise)? - Recently, I have been rather busy and Sokka jr has done most of the writing. But I'd say it's 50/50 on a regular basis.
  13. How do you like co-writing? - Co-writing is very diffucult. To be able to incorporate both your ideas into one is hard and writing the chapters together can be a bit frustrating (for me at least).
  14. Can you tell me anything the hasn't been written but will be put into one of the next chapters? - If I tell you, I'd have to kill you. XD
  15. One last question, Can I Subscribe! - Yes check Done We always want subscribers!
  16. Thank you for your time, and uh, get cracking on Burning Air! - Thanks, and we will make sure to ignite the nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases that are contained within the air.

Well there you have it, Henryjh98. Be sure to check him and his fanon out. Srijay KTechFilmer