We've been waiting. And we've been waiting. And we've been waiting even more. Now we have the answers, we now have a realese date for Legend of Korra. It comes out in May. We don't have an exact date yet but the rumored date is the 12th. That's right UK and Ireland folks, on May 12th you will have Legend of Korra Book 1: Air air on TV! As for Book 2 Nick did say that it would come out soon after Book 1 is complete. At 1 week per episode with two two-parter episode it will take about 10 weeks to air. This averages to about the middle of August which means that a Fall release for Book 2 sounds very much real.[1] Below is the exact letter from Nick UK.

Hi Morgan! Yes, we’ve got some good news for you – Avatar: The Legend of Korra starts on Nickelodeon here in the UK in May.
We’re really sorry for the delay, but we hope you’ll agree that the series was worth waiting for! We’ll be showing Book 1 to begin with, and although it’s a bit too soon to talk about Book 2, we hope that we’ll be able to show it fairly close to its US airdates. Can’t promise – we’ll have to see what happens. Fingers crossed!
I hope this answers your question, and that you enjoy the show.
All the best,

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