Update: Our friend AvatarCorin34 got in touch with Aka-Con and he found out that they made a typo as they had an American coder code this but he assumed it was Book 2 not Book 1. Here is their exact words:


Okay Guys,

Sorry for the Confusion. YES we do have a premiere screening for Europe, but it is Korra book 1 Not Book two.

Yes we are officially doing this with Nickelodeon, we have been working with them for a while and YES there will be some of the Nick team coming to the convention as our guests.

Kihyun, our Special guest is the Supervising producer of Korra, so it is only natural that would would invite Nickelodoen to take part in this event with us.

We will be Amending the site soon. and one again sorry for the confusion"

— Straight from Aka-Con headquarters.

WAHOO!!!! After we found out that Anime Matsuri Con was a total let-down [1]Nick decided to actually tell us if there would be Korra Book Two: Spirits news at any other cons it would visit. On the 1st of April, April Stewart, told us to get excited for April as she said get ready for April [2] and we got ready! And now at Aka-Con on April 26 - 28, Ki Hyun Ryu[3] will be speaking about Korra Book Two on that day! [4] Also, shout-out to AvatarCorin34 for finding this info! Thanks!


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