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  • TechFilmer

    Another photo from Bryan! This time we have Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin in it! Along with the photo, he posted a comment about when it will come out. Anyways, the photo is below.

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  • TechFilmer

    Extra, extra, hear all about it! Someone from Nickelodeon has stated the video we just got from IGN about Korra

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  • TechFilmer

    From The Pro-Bending League's Tech

    Finally, after 5eva another issue of the Pro-Bending Challenge is out! Thanks to we now have 10 questions for you! We are now operating on a Remember, you can win a userbox (coming soon) saying you have aced the questions! When answering the questions, you may want to click here for a hint :) Also remember that if you go to The main PBL page you can subscribe to be notified when further challenges are released.

    1. Who says the first line in the Avatar: The Last Airbender?
    2. Who has the last line?
    3. What nation holds dominion over Whale Tail Island?
    4. How many songs did Chung sing with his nomads in The Cave of Two Lovers?
    5. Which members of Team Avatar have statues in Republic City?
    6. Name three voice actors from Avatar: The…

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  • TechFilmer

    Update: Our friend AvatarCorin34 got in touch with Aka-Con and he found out that they made a typo as they had an American coder code this but he assumed it was Book 2 not Book 1. Here is their exact words:

    WAHOO!!!! After we found out that Anime Matsuri Con was a total let-down

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  • TechFilmer

    Yay, new photo of Korra! Bryan has shown us another photo, and this time, Korra is not happy. It looks to me like it is from NWT or SWT as there is a lot of ice, most likely NWT. So without further ado, I give you...Korra!

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