I have an OC I've been working on building for LoK that is a sandbender (just for fun). I came up with sort of a short backstory for him that I might go into in a later blog. Mostly I've just been drawing pictures of him and that sort of thing. Right from the first doodle I did my sketchbook though I began asking myself the question: what would a LoK era sandbender look like?

I came up with a lot of theories but for my OC I kind of just took the easy way out. I just decided that he used to live in the desert with the other sandbenders but moved into a city (probably Ba Sing Se) and so stopped wearing his traditional sandbender attire. I depicted him as wearing fairly normal looking apparel with a little bit of cloth wrapping on his forearms and kind of stopped thinking about it there.

However after posting a few pictures of my OC to DeviantArt and then browing around to see what other sandbenders other artists had created I found that there was quite the variety in approaches to what a sandbender could look like. A majority of the sandbender art that I saw was just the traditional sandbenders from ATLA with the special white glasses and the big hand-wrapping-things. I didn't just see traditional sandbenders though. I saw plenty that looked even less traditional than my city sandbender. I saw some that were a combination of traditional sandbenders and republic city fashion. I saw other types too.

So that's when I started asking myselft whata modern (LoK era) sandbender should look like again.

Of course there's no right answer to this question. It would be awesome if the writers of the show would answer this question ontheir own, but sandbenders haven't really been in the show much and they were all but forgotten after the episodes that take place in the desert.

I decided that the place to start was to come up with theories in how the sandbender tribes might have changed in the time since ATLA. Maybe they haven't changed at all. Maybe though they have changed completely. Maybe now, after the industrial revolution that seems to have gripped the world in LoK, the sandbenders have more technology and factory made clothing. Maybe they now where glass goggles instead of their weird narrow-slitted shades. Maybe they drive cars across the desert instead of their sand-sailers. There are tons of possibilities.

So here's my question to you.

What do you think LoK-age sandbenders look like? Do you think they look exactly the same as in ATLA? Do you think they have changed in a few ways? What ways are those?

I realize this might be a little harder to do with words than if you could just show me a picture of what you think a sandbender looks like.

Describe to me the wardrobe of a modern desert sanbender.

I appreciate any feedback people can give and look forward to seeing what ideas anybody might have?

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