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April 23, 2012
  • Tchuron

    I have an OC I've been working on building for LoK that is a sandbender (just for fun). I came up with sort of a short backstory for him that I might go into in a later blog. Mostly I've just been drawing pictures of him and that sort of thing. Right from the first doodle I did my sketchbook though I began asking myself the question: what would a LoK era sandbender look like?

    I came up with a lot of theories but for my OC I kind of just took the easy way out. I just decided that he used to live in the desert with the other sandbenders but moved into a city (probably Ba Sing Se) and so stopped wearing his traditional sandbender attire. I depicted him as wearing fairly normal looking apparel with a little bit of cloth wrapping on his forearm…

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