Ok so the biggest thing going on rith now is "WHO IS AMON." There are so many theroies flying around like maybe he is Tarrlock since he made Korra swear she'll fight Amon head on, plus he convinced the pro bending tournament to move on and knew about Tenzin, Lin, and Korras plan to keep everything safe. But, isnt he already a bender? There's also the therory tht it could be Aang. But why would Aang do such a thing. And isnt he dead already. and if not how can Korra be an Avatar? and whats with that little smirk Katar had when she spoke about him. could it be that a new breed of benders is coming up. One where they can bend all the elements. and Aang is Amon trying to stop it. or could it be possible that Amon works for Asami. Could she be giving him funds since she isnt a bender and feels no one else should be. WELL the big question is who do you think he is.

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