I mean, I like the new series' characters so much better than their previous counterparts. The only exception to this is Aang and Tenzin (yes, yes, I know, I know... Tenzin is not the avatar, but, personality wise, he resembles Aang the most). However, I like Korra better than Katara, Bolin better than Sokka, Mako better than Zuko, and... well, alright, Toph and Lin are both pretty awesome lol... same goes for old Iroh and new Iroh XD I must say, however, the the creators REALLY downplayed Korra!

Even other than the characters, however, I just like the storyline of the second one better. I always hated how unnecessarily overplayed the firebenders were, including the daytime and comet. It never made sense to me that, with the water right there in front of you, you need a full moon to perform bloodbending. Along with this, the undermining of bloodbending and showing it only twice in the epicly long show made me angry. I knew that, if Katara practiced and taught it to Aang, then that would've taken away half of his, and the whole gang's problems. While Aang would refuse to use bloodbending to kill Ozai, it would've helped him out a hell of a lot. Just think about it. If Aang learned energy bending and went to face Ozai during the comet, then he could've easily bloodbended Ozai, leaving Ozai's mouth and breathing the outlet for Ozai to firebend. However, could've easily turned him sideways, slowed down Ozai's blood to the point where Ozai loses almost all of his energy, making it extremely hard for him to firebend at all, encased Ozai in earth (or an air bubble), and just taken away his bending. Meanwhile, during Zuko's Agni Kai with Azula, while Azula was about to zap Katara with lightning, if Katara had mastered the ability to its full extent, then she could easily have controlled Azula and made her walk back to the chains and tie herself up, making Zuko and Katara able to go help out Toph, Sokka, and Suki.

Anyway, sorry about that excruciatingly long rant, but you get my gist: the power of waterbending was extremely undermined in the first series and I hated that! On top of that, even airbending, when you think about, can easily end the opponent... an aerokinetic need only remove his or her opponent's oxygen to kill, or (since airbenders are so peace loving), knock out the opponent.

Nonetheless, the second series mostly filled what I felt had been missing in the first series: bloodbenders as the villains. It also explained more power discovered to bloodbending. I wanted a villain who can take Ozai during the daytime and a comet and I got it! Think about it: even if Ozai can breathe fire, Amon is not the same nonviolent character that Aang was. That said, he would not hesitate to make Ozai choke himself, which would not only block all outlets for Ozai to firebend, but weaken him as well. I can picture this perfectly in my head... he can quickly make Ozai turn sideways, force him to choke himself with all his might, turn him back facing the front of him, walk slowly and creepily toward the kneeling and weakening firelord, now place Ozai's hands on his nostrils, and take away his bending. What I'm trying to say here is basically that Noatak is an extremely developed AND powerful character... he is like V from V for Vendetta: a crazy, cool antihero! Hell, it's nice just to see that, even after Ozai, Aang fought a villain much more dangerous to the point where his only option was to go into the avatar state. Of course, in avatar state, one can bend all elements perfectly, so all forms of waterbending were nullified for Yakone, leaving him completely vulnerable to Aang's earth, fire, and air attacks. However, it was nice to see a villain and two antiheros (I mean, Yakone's sons really are more antiheroic than villainous) more powerful than the first series villains... including Hama herself. It got on my nerves how many missions Katara, alone, could've won for the team... however, if Katara had been in court the day of Yakone's hearing, then she would've suffered the same fate that her brother and our favorite female Chuck Norris (Toph) did.

Don't get me wrong; I still love the first series, but I simply love the second one a lot more. Also, the second one also had its fair share of stupidity. For example, Korra taking so much time to learn air, when technically her hard element should be fire, made little sense. I can understand not learning bloodbending from Katara in this series, because Katara outlawed it. Fair enough. Most people did not see that coming (although I kind of did when Tarrlok fought "Amon" and when Korra suddenly just lost her balance and started to fall in the episode where she, Mako, and Bolin lost their probending match to the cheating team that fought dirty). Also, Korra should've been able to contact her ancestors. People seem to forget that Korra was born in a water tribe, not the earth kingdom, so spirituality, while as not as easily as with Aang, should come to her easily enough for her to contact Aang every now and then. I can understand her not going into avatar state. However, I think that it was done kind of sloppily. It would've been better if Mako had chased Noatak into the room first, Noatak had slapped around Mako with his bloodbending, and put Mako in the position ready to remove his bending. Right at this moment, Korra would come in the room, see her boyfriend in excruciating pain and fear, and get so pissed off that she'd finally unlock avatar state. I think that protecting her boyfriend is serious enough to get a born WATERBENDER to go into avatar state.

Please let me know if there are other fans who prefer the second series :) Also, tell me what you think about the series in contrast.

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