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    New Director Ideas?

    February 13, 2012 by Tarek Awar

    Ok, I was with my fiance and we started talking about the idea of if they would ever decide to remake The Last Airbender, who would you want to see in the director's seat. So I thought about and the first 2 that came into my mind were Peter Jackson (LOTR) and David Yates (HP 5-8). I thought those 2 cuz I figured both of these guys really respect the source material for their movies and wanted to make sure they gave the fans what they wanted to see when they saw the stories they love on the silver screen, unlike some (that's right M Night, although it was fun meeting you, SUCK IT!!!) . I'm sure if they were given the opportunity, they really could make a spectacular movie. And I thought, I wonder who the other Avatar fans would choose to di…

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