So this is about tokka. If you dont like tokka and you do like to bash than please leave now. If you do like tokka and are a fellow Tokkaneer then I welcome you and would like you to stay and hopefully you agree with my reasonings. So this is why I love tokka and why it should happen.

  1. Sarcasam Duo- They both are very funny and with their sarcasm who knows what jokes they would make up.
  2. Awesomeness- Toph is strong and tough, Sokka is tough when he needs to be. There both awesome so together there awesomeness would combine and make super awesome babies.
  3. Cuteness- I dont wanna go all gooshy and lovey but they would be very cute together and would make cute AND awesome spawnies.
  4. Blue and Green- Watertribe and Earthkingdom colors are awesome. Plus they make an awesome symbol. The earth kindom symbol with the watertribe symbol inside of the circle so cool.
  5. Babies- They would make awesome cute adorable epic babies. Waterbending? Mabey. Earthbending? Mabey also. Warrior? Could be. But never the less they would have epic babies.

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