The series "Legend of Korra" focuses on Korra, a teenage girl from the Southern Water Tribe and the current incarnation of the Avatar. She has already mastered the arts of waterbending, earthbending, and firebending but has not mastered airbending, which she must learn from Tenzin—the youngest child of Aang and Katara.The character was partly inspired by Avatar Kyoshi of the original series.

"The conflict of the first season centers upon a group of anti-benders, called the Equalists, who use chi-blocking and electrified hand weapons to subdue their enemies."~@TalkATiveLiz

Season 2 "Legend of Korra" foucses on Korra and her newly welcomed friends. That join her in her newest adventures'. The List of newest characters are going along for the ride. With new enemies, new love intrest, and new rivals. Korra will have to try a little harder to Republic City back in peace and harmony. Korra eventually finds out that some of the people she thought she could trust, are the people she needs to take down. As you know Mako and Korra are ment to be together, but one NEW girls get in the way of that. And Mako has no other choice but to let his love for Korra go. Mako ends up leaving "Team Korra" and joins a much darker team. "Anoko" Aangs cousin has been on a mission to find Korra, and has been searching for her{FOR A LONG TIME}. Anoko then sends out a ?spy? to find Korra and give her a very important message. Later that ?spy? becomes greedy and wants more than giving Korra a message. Now Korra is facing a NEW enemy, that will go through anything to harm Korra. Asami and ?spy? both want the same thing and ends up working together. But Asami ends up turning on the ?spy? and never gets a chance at her revenge.Korra later finds out Asami's plan and gets her revenge by playing a trick on Asami. Korra's trick {making Asami believe she gives up on trying to return Republic City to itself}.~TO BE CONTINUED

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