Okay I know she mostly uses earth and fire but I think she's showing some good water bending as well. Ideas?

Personally I think she's best at earth. The amount she can bend with a simple punch is amazing. Her firebending consists of simple fire streams. Her waterbending hasn't had enough coverage. Sure there was probending, but there were so many restrictions that bending was reduced to simple movements, not the elegant dance one expects from waterbending, the power one expects from earthbending, the emotion one expects from firebending.

I think number two is her waterbending. She had Katara teach her the art. She isn't as resourceful, but she hasn't needed to be. What makes me place it at number two is episode 10. When she fights the mechas, she uses water tactfully to plug the exhaust pipes and beat the mechas quickly. I may be making a bigger deal out of this then I should, but her skill to control the water so well and without extra movement makes me place waterbending here.

Finally, I'd have to put firebending as last. While it fits her personality, she only recently mastered it. Again, she only uses the simplest of techniques in the art. I don't have much to say about her firebending outside of that.

I'm new at this, so tell me how my review was. Seriously just made this account, but what do you think?

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