This is my first time posting a blog so forgive me if I do it poorly/incorrectly, but I just wanted to get this information out there ASAP! Nickelodeon has begun an advertising campaign titled "Korra Nation," where fans can sign up with either Facebook or Twitter and stay up to date with everything Korra!

Not to mention each user is given their own sign-up url to distribute, and there is a contest with prizes to the people who can accumulate specified amounts of points (they send you an email with the specifics). It sounds super cool, and everyone here should definitely sign up as soon as possible!

To save you the hassle (and somewhat selfishly), here's my sign-up url, so click below to sign up and stay up to date with Korra news! Finally, Nickelodeon is getting it together...and what an awesome Avatar 7th anniversary present, huh? :D

EDIT: Prizes below (copied from the email that was sent to me from Korra Nation):

What You Can Win

75 Points: Reach 75 points and be entered into a sweepstakes to win a free trip to San Diego Comic-Con to meet Korra creators Mike & Bryan.

150 Points: Reach 150 points and win a selection of unreleased Korra music from Jeremy Zuckerman of The Track Team.

300 Points: The first 1,500 to reach 300 points win the Avatar Essentials Collection from iTunes.

500 Points: The first 100 to reach 500 points win a limited edition Korra print signed by creators Mike & Bryan.

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