Before anyone asks, this was somewhat inspired from the 'Three Brothers' seqeunce in the Deathly Hallows.

I was deliberating how to open the fourth film in an interesting way, and this was one that came to mind. This is what I imagine a Fire Nation fable to be like (in the time before Sozin, obviously)

I thought, in terms of an attention getter, this would be far more interesting than my original opening, which was simply Zuko awakening in the infirmary after the Agni Kī Duel. This, in addition to being original, also includes some symbolism to the characters in the story, implying the sort of destiny theme that Avatar was always so keen on.

The Legend of Aang: Sozin's Comet: The Tale of the King


The entire sequence is animated like traditional Japanese art.

We move through sakura trees to see a vast palace.


Long ago, in a vast and beautiful land…

A king sits on his throne, his chin in his hand.


…there was a harsh and greedy king.

The KING strolls through a field, surrounded by mounds of gold and bowing subjects.


The king desired all he could be given. Wealth, adoration, and most of all, power.

The KING stares longingly from his palace tower at the land beyond him.


He yearned for the land beyond, and one day…

An army is shown scourging countless towns and villages.


…he set out to conquer it.

People are escorted out in chains, while others lie dead in the streets.

       ZUKO (V.O.) (CONT’D)
He ravaged the lands, taking thousands prisoner and thoughtlessly slaughtering others.

The KING sits in his throne room, until a scholarly man is shown in.

       ZUKO (V.O.) (CONT’D)
Until one day, a visitor came.

The KING eyes the man with contempt, as he begins to speak.


He was Truth. He berated the king, saying that his rampant and careless use of land and life was more of a menace then a help, and ordered him to stand down.

The KING chuckles as guards come to apprehend him.


But the king would not listen to him…

The scene fades to blank parchment.


And had him put to death.

Blood splatters over the screen as we fade to more scenes of destruction.


The king’s reign soon extended far past anything he could have fathomed. Millions of men, women, and children were forced out of their homes, if not massacred in the process.

Another man, strong and powerful, is shown in.


One day, another visitor fell upon the king.

The KING alerts to face him.


He was Power. He did not talk to the king…

POWER lunges in the air at the KING.


Instead, he tried to attack him.

He is stopped by guards.


He failed. But rather than kill him…

POWER sits chained next to the KING’S throne.


The king captured him, and abused him as his slave.

His firebending armies take the land more harshly than ever before.


His rule became intolerable. He ravaged, even destroyed the lands he only just conquered, taking all that lived with it.

The KING duels with a helpless young boy.


He even took to his own subjects, taking the lives of all that opposed him. Even his own son.

The KING sits hedonistically on his throne. A frail old man enters the throne room.

And on the Eve of total domination, a final visitor came. A man who had lived in the kingdom for a very long time.

He bows before the KING.


He was Honor. He said nothing but this;


You have nothing to be proud of. You take advantage of your own subjects, and take life mercilessly from every corner. All the power means nothing if you do not have respect. And I do not respect you. It is for this reason, that I leave you now, my king.

HONOR does as he promised.

The KING’S body is carried by his former subject.


With Honor gone, the kingdom crumbled. The king was soon dealt with, and the attacks stopped.

HONOR strides back into the kingdom, accompanied by applause.

        ZUKO (V.O.) (CONT’D)
Honor soon returned to the kingdom.

POWER, HONOR, and TRUTH stand before a cheering crowd.

        ZUKO (V.O.) (CONT’D)
He freed Power, resurrected Truth, and together, in balance, they ruled the kingdom with greater peace than it had seen before.

The camera pans up to sky above, fading from the animated clouds to true ones.

ZUKO adjusts his airship, eyes locked ahead of him.



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