Another section where I tended to lean more toward the official film, still with some rather large changes.

For one, the not quite so out of left field approaching of Zuko's ship to the village, since that's already been heavily hinted at with earlier scenes. I've created a much heavier furor as soon as it's spotted, as well as a brief montage of Zuko suiting up similar to the one in the film's trailer.

Additionally, I've hinted at Sokka's training of the village youth, but with the opposite outcome from the cartoon.

One thing that bugged me in the film version was how ignorant Katara and Sokka were. Clearly Katara's supposed to know a lot about the Avatar and Air Nomads, in particular the Avatar cycle and reincarnation. So, considering the turn of events and bizarre circumstances surrounding Aang, she would be able to put two and two together pretty easily. This was handled far better in the cartoon than in the film, but the cartoon barely had any time before Aang showed up to save them all. But, since Aang resides in the village the whole time here, it had to be done a bit differently.

You'll notice that Katara and Sokka already were able to tell Aang was an airbender the moment he dropped his hood, but another thing you'll notice is their avid attempt to keep the soldiers from discovering Aang and Sokka's quick turn around as soon as he makes the connection as well.

The Legend of Aang : Disturbers of the Peace


ZUKO is fitted with armor, given a sword, and donned with a helmet.


TENBO stands atop a hill, looking with a spyglass.

POV: He observes ZUKO’S approaching ship. He zooms in on the flag, which carries a fiery emblem on it.

He takes the spyglass from his eye, deeply frightened.

KATARA stands next to AANG, talking to him, when all noise stops to the sound of a horn being blown.

Everyone freezes in place, listening to the horn. AANG looks confusedly around himself.

In an instant, pandemonium breaks out. People rush left and right. AANG is caught in the middle of all of it.

Several ten-year-old boys, including TENBO, bust into a hovel, grabbing weapons.

KATARA rushes over to another hovel, but looks back to see AANG still looking confusedly around. After a brief moment of deliberation, she runs over and grabs him, taking him by the arm.

SOKKA attempts to look over the walls, but turns when he hears the scuffling of feet behind him. The children stand behind him, brandishing spears.


Ready for duty, Chief!

SOKKA looks in utter disbelief at him.


What are you doing?

Another boy steps forward.


Our home is under attack. We’re Water Tribe. We fight to the last man standing!

SOKKA exhales.


         (to himself)

What have I done to these kids?

           (to Tenbo)

You’re not fighting.

The boys recoil in disappointment.


Why not? This is the exact situation we’ve trained for.

SOKKA pushes the kids over to another hovel.


-And that was a drill. This is real.


KATARA pushes AANG into the hovel, setting him on the ground before turning away.


Wait, Katara! What’s going on?


We’re under attack.


Why can’t you fight back?


            (harshly, loudly)

Because no one’s been able to bend in this tribe for years!

AANG recoils in fear. KATARA atones for herself.


I’m sorry. Just stay here, and stay quiet!

KATARA begins to exit the hovel.


But, why-

KATARA points his finger at him.



AANG leans forward to warm his hands by the fire. He looks up to a scuffling sound.

A few kids, consisting of three girls and the weapon-toting kids from earlier, rush into the hovel.

AANG scoots back to make room for them. They all sit around the fire, looking at AANG with fear in their eyes. AANG senses their discomfort, and gets an idea, breaking a small grin.


Who wants to play a game?


Several FIRE NATION guards rush into the village, many of them brandishing large spears.

KATARA and SOKKA stand at the front of the village. SOKKA looks angrily at her.


We should’ve gotten rid of him when we had the chance.

KATARA looks at him.

         SOKKA (CONT’D)

This can’t be a coincidence. We find him, that light breaks out-


(harsh whisper)

Oh, will you shut up!

SOKKA turns back to the entrance.

ZUKO comes walking into the village, a couple of guards acting as protection.

A few people cower from him as he enters.

ZUKO stands at the front of the village, taking off his helmet. The camera rotates around him as he walks toward the people.


My name is Prince Zuko, firstborn son of Lord Ozai of the Fire Nation.

KATARA looks off at ZUKO.


For three years, I have searched the Earth, for an individual known as the Avatar.

KATARA gives an enormously confused look.

       ZUKO (CONT’D)

It is now my belief that he is being hid here.

KATARA thinks it over in her mind, before the realization hits her. Her eyes expand.

ZUKO eyes more of the village.


If he is here, bring him to me now, and I shall leave you be.

KATARA walks over to SOKKA. The two exchange glances.


But if you do not, I will be forced to search for him personally.

The villagers cower further, as ZUKO’S men begin to come closer.

ZUKO takes several moments, but eventually snaps his fingers and points his men forward.

KATARA recoils backwards. SOKKA takes his boomerang.

ZUKO walks forward with his men.


Don’t harm anyone. Simply bring me their elders.

SOKKA backs KATARA away from the chaos, and SOKKA turns to face her.


(loud whisper)

Where did you put him?



She pauses as she looks past SOKKA.

ZUKO’S MEN lead out several elderly people, one of them being KANNA.

KATARA rushes past SOKKA, before turning to face him.


Don’t let them find him!

KATARA rushes back to KANNA. SOKKA nearly follows, but stops and sighs.



Where did you put him?

ZUKO surveys a line of elderly, stopping at KANNA. He surveys her briefly, holding her chin in her hand.

KATARA runs up to her, staring at the both of them terrified. ZUKO hears her footsteps, turning around to face him.


Don’t worry. It’s not who I’m looking for anyway.


You have no right to be doing this.

ZUKO turns back to face her.


I have every right. You fall under our control now.


You don’t scare me.

ZUKO stares at her with contempt. He lets her go, and continues down the line.

KATARA has great anger on her face, and she begins to conjure some water with her hand.

KANNA notices, twitching her head to get her to stop.

KATARA abides.

ZUKO strolls down the line of elderly. He turns around to face his men.


Alright, men. Widen your search.

SOKKA checks through several hovels, desperately looking for AANG in any of them. He notices the soldiers beginning the search, and rushes over to KATARA. She turns to face him.

Why aren’t you with him?


I can’t find him! Which one did you put him in?

KATARA looks around briefly before freezing. She points SOKKA over to a hovel.


(terrified whisper)

That one!

One of ZUKO’S MEN stands at the entrance of one of the hovels, preparing to enter.

SOKKA almost instantaneously leaps into action, lunging toward the hovel.

He blocks the guard from entrance.


Step aside, son.


You don’t want to go in there. It’s nothing but children.


I don’t have time for this.

He shoves SOKKA aside, bursting in despite his protests.


The children inside stare at the guard. The guard surveys all of the children, preparing to leave, until he notices AANG sitting at the head of the group. He storms up to him, pulling his hood down.

AANG stares fearfully at the guard as he looks at the tattoos donning his heads.


The guard leads AANG out of the hovel. SOKKA rushes up again.


Let go of him!

AANG turns to face him.


Sokka, calm down. I’ll be fine.

SOKKA looks worriedly at him.

The guard continues on his way, and AANG leans back behind his back.



I have one thing to tell you.

SOKKA walks closer.

               AANG (CONT’D)
Say, yip-yip.

SOKKA raises his eyebrows and pauses as AANG is lead over to ZUKO.

KATARA watches in horror as he’s lead up.


I’m not interested in children, lieutenant.


I think you’ll find this one particularly interesting.

He pulls AANG’S hood down. ZUKO widens his eyes.


Why are you doing this?


By order of Lord Ozai, I place you under arrest. Come with us.


Why should I?

KATARA looks uneasily between AANG and ZUKO.


Because if you don’t, I reduce this village to a black spot in the snow.

AANG looks back to KATARA. KATARA looks at him fearfully, but AANG only breaks a small, sad smile. He turns back to ZUKO, holding his arms out.


KATARA can only watch as AANG is taken to the village. SOKKA attempts to console her, but she turns and walks to another hovel.

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