I'll admit that this is a bit more of a filler scene than anything else, but it does have a few contributing factors.

For one, it gives an interesting dimension to Zuko's crewman Jee, who was established as a double agent a couple scenes ago.

I admit that this is one of the few cases where a piece of dialogue was taken from the show, however, transplanted to a different character. 


The Legend of Aang: An Exercise of Authority


JEE sits among members of ZHAO’s crew, nervously scanning them as they converse. ZHAO sits at the head of the table, deep in thought.


We know his course, General. Why should we not attempt to stop him now, when he is still on the move?

ZHAO alerts and sits upright.


Because he is laying out a perfectly good plan of action himself.

JEE tensely looks around as the rest of the crewman talk confusedly about ZHAO’s remark.


The North is one of the last strongholds that exists in the free world. And soon, our target will be there as well.

ZHAO leans forward, a devilish grin on his face.


What is to stop us, my  friends, from killing two birds with a single stone?

(to himself)

You can’t mean.


What is to stop us from destroying the city, and taking this Avatar with it?


A great many things, General.

Attention shifts to him as he speaks.


This isn't some little earthen village we can just march into. There's a reason they've made it this long. The tundra is treacherous, the landscape itself is an icy fortress. We'd need an invasion force… unheard of in recent memory.


Our last attempt was almost a century ago. They remain in the same archaic state we left them in, but we have come miles since their defeat.


You cannot deny that it would take a force of thousands to bring them down.

ZHAO stands and begins to pace.


I cannot.

(looking up)

But I believe I have a thought for how we may find some of the force necessary.

He turns to face his men.


I think it is quite time we paid another visit to the dear prince…

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