Obviously this scene is inspired from the series version, as no such confrontation like this took place in the film. 

Careful readers should take note of some moments which should play in later on, especially in the final Siege of the North.

The Legend of Aang: An Agni Kai Duel


Several members of both ZUKO and ZHAO’s crew are seated around an enormous duel stage.

ZUKO and IROH walk in, ZUKO clad in a robe.


Forgive me for earlier. I was...


Say no more, Uncle. Let’s just get this over with.

ZHAO stands at the opposite end of the duel stage, as his opponent walks over to his spot.

Simultaneously, the two disrobe, taking a fighting stance against each other. ZHAO cracks a malicious smile.

IROH stands nervously in the corner. ZUKO looks back over his shoulder, as IROH gives him a nod.

A gong is struck, and the battle begins.

ZUKO and ZHAO leap towards each other, quickly striking each other with numerous bursts of fire.

IROH looks on nervously from the sidelines.

ZHAO casts a large burst toward ZUKO, who falls.

IROH cringes.

Basics, Zuko! Break his root!

ZUKO leaps to his feet, striking several blows in ZHAO’s direction. He manages to block most of them, but keeps one suspended and sends it toward ZUKO.

ZUKO attempts to miss it, but is soon knocked over by it, hitting the ground hard.

ZHAO takes the advantage to strike ZUKO many times, ZUKO soon rolling out from underneath ZHAO and knocking him over.

The two exchange their places on the stage and begin rapidly swinging at each other, but, eventually, ZHAO gets the upper hand, and the gong is sounded once more.

IROH sighs in pity.

ZUKO sits up slightly, as he faintly sees ZHAO offer his hand to him, but he refuses it, slowly getting to his feet.

ZHAO walks toward his side of the stage.



Be thankful you still have your other eye…

ZUKO turns and casts a burst of fire toward ZHAO, but IROH stops his hand and diverts the blast to the ceiling.


Don’t test me, Zhao!

ZHAO turns to his remark.


The Avatar will be mine. And you won’t have a thing to say about it.

ZHAO doesn’t respond, but merely chuckles as he departs in the other direction.

ZUKO finally slumps in defeat, IROH supporting him.


Get the ship ready. We’re leaving as soon as it’s convenient.

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