I'm curious for the feedback to this one.

So, I've already had a dialogue scene to flesh out their relationship, and I figured I needed a somewhat more comedic scene (to reflect Sokka's personality, and whatnot.

So, I took Sokka's love of hunting, and tried to design a scene where he tries to show it off to his new infatuation, although it doesn't work too well.

Anyway, enjoy.

The Legend of Aang: All in Good Fun


A large herd of PUFFINS stands on an icy plane, as we pan back to see SOKKA and YUE crouching behind an icy mound.

SOKKA brandishes his boomerang, and YUE looks apprehensively over to him.


Are you sure about this?


Trust me, these things are harmless. And also quite tasty.

YUE rises her eyebrows, and turns to look at the PUFFINS.


I’ll go first.

SOKKA stands and throws his boomerang, just barely missing the bird. He sighs in disappointment and goes to retrieve it. YUE chuckles slightly.


You at least have an idea?



SOKKA gestures at the birds, and tosses her the boomerang.

YUE gears herself up for a second, before leaping up over the mound, howling as she runs toward them.

A PUFFIN squawks and leaps up, attempting to peck at her as she swats at it.

SOKKA laughs, crossing his arms.




What? You’re doing great!

YUE laughs nervously, trying to shake the vengeful bird.

SOKKA’s laugh fades as he hears something rushing through the snow. Soon, a large blue wolf leaps into view. SOKKA leaps into action, taking the boomerang and swatting at the creature.

YUE stands behind him.

SOKKA begins to call at the wolf, soon getting it to back off, before taking YUE’s arm and running with her, the wolf still pursuing.

Soon, they come to a crack in the glacier, SOKKA leaping over it first and YUE following, falling into his arms.

The wolf finally turns back.

The two catch their breath.


I’m so sorry.


Don’t be. That was exhilarating.

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