I'm finally back!


...with a scene I will no doubt have to revise at some point.

Anyway, this is my... futile attempt at doing justice to one of my least favorite episodes.

Let's see what you (the home viewer) have to say about it (and if anybody can give me guidance!)

The Legend of Aang: "I Have Not Come Over Three Million Miles..."


PAKKU, AANG, and KATARA stand in a row, in front of three decorated containers. After a moment, they lift the liquid out of the containers

They are before the CHIEF’S COURT, as SOKKA stands in the crowd, watching their movements, as a drum begins to sound from the off.

The THREE move in rhythm with the drum’s beats, performing simple, but still impressing feats of acrobatics and waterbending.

The THREE finish their routine, setting the water back in the containers.

The COURT applauds them, and PAKKU walks to the front.


Docility is an important trait of any waterbender. These two have just exhibited their ability of control. But, there is more to the art than simple control, especially in times as dark as these.

KATARA looks anxiously towards PAKKU. AANG, in turn, looks to KATARA.


Now, we shall test their skill in combat. Katara, will you step forward, please?

KATARA looks nervously over to AANG, who holds his fist up in support. KATARA breaks a timid smile and walks up to PAKKU.

They both bow, then take ten steps away from each other. KATARA presses her hands together, taking a deep breath in and turning to face PAKKU.

AANG looks apprehensively as they start.

The duel begins, a dazzling, yet contained display of flowing movement and acrobatics. It starts as a fairly even fight, though soon KATARA does not do well, and succumbs to PAKKU’s attack. SOKKA and AANG collectively wince as KATARA goes down hard.

PAKKU walks around her, in a slightly smug fashion, as KATARA begins to pick herself up.

PAKKU turns to the court.


Impressive, at first, perhaps, but still a thoroughly amateur performance.

KATARA looks none too happy with master PAKKU.


I can notice this often in students, perhaps those too young or uneducated to truly carry their own. I-

PAKKU stops as he feels something strike his back.

He turns to see KATARA, defiantly standing with her arms outstretched towards him.

AANG looks worriedly at them.




Shut up, Aang!

(determinedly, calmly)

This is personal now.

PAKKU gives a slight chuckle, soon unleashing himself on KATARA.

After a rapid series of moves, she is on the ground again.


I normally don’t have to teach this lesson more than once. Know when you’ve been beaten.

KATARA leaps up and throws all she can to PAKKU, even throwing pellets of ice at him.


I have not come three million miles to be tossed around by some puckered, pompous, senseless, old fool!

AANG does not like how the events are unfolding.


Sokka, should we do something?


You kidding? Let’s see how this turns out.

KATARA is still knocking PAKKU around, though even he is beginning to falter a bit.

While she is able to dominate for a fair section of the fight, she cannot escape PAKKU’s experience, and is eventually frozen by him in pillars of ice.

KATARA pants, attempting to kick her way out of it.

PAKKU recovers, looking at her curiously.


I don’t know if I should find you tenacious or especially foolish.

KATARA still looks at him with a great fire in her eye.

PAKKU starts to walk away, chuckling slightly, until he stops cold. He doubles back, something catching his eye on the ground. KATARA’s necklace has slipped off at some point during the fight. As he begins to look at it, his expression is both blank and full of a peculiar horror.

KATARA struggles to free herself.


Put that down!


Where did you get this?


It’s my grandmother’s. Now, put it down!

PAKKU clenches it in his fist, walking down the street away from the study.


The lesson is over.

KATARA frees herself finally, storming after PAKKU.

AANG looks worriedly at her, following her over.


What did you do that for?


I don’t know, alright! I just hate losing to that old coot… I wanted to see if I could face him.


If it makes you feel any better, you’re a very good bender.


There he is!

KATARA rushes away from AANG, who simply stays behind.


You’re welcome…

KATARA finally finds PAKKU, who is sitting on a bench overlooking the city, fingering the necklace with the same stoic expression on his face.

PAKKU finally senses KATARA, and turns his head slightly to face her.


I suppose you’d like an explanation…

KATARA nods.

PAKKU gives a sad chuckle.


Fifty years ago, I made this necklace for the woman I was to marry… Her name was Kanna.

KATARA closes her eyes.


Was that your grandmother’s name?

KATARA nods.




I know it’s a shock…


What happened?


The marriage was arranged by her parents, and she couldn’t have protested it more. She hated me. What I stood for, at least. You could say she didn’t agree with many of our customs.

KATARA has not softened any.


And it didn’t seem anything could change that fact. She wouldn’t speak to me, or even look me in the eye. I soon discovered that she had made a pledge with another man, to leave with him to the south… And… I let her.

PAKKU turns completely around, fully facing KATARA.


I may have been attempting to dishearten you… You really do have some excellent foundations.

KATARA finally looks at him, as she’s been looking at the ground this whole time.


It’d be a shame to see such talent go to waste.

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