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  • TackTheCobbler

    Well... How long has it been? Probably a year? I should be ashamed of myself. Well... My dedicated followers will probably want to know what has happened to me in this longer-than-anyone-wished hiatus. Well... Simply put high school kind of socked it to me and made it very hard for any work to get done. Not to mention, I also took on a few other projects based on my interests at the time. And, most importantly, I radically altered my plans from the very start.

    Yes, anyone who knows me knows that I have a problem of profuse editing and revising, and it's become a sort of detriment as well as a boost to my writing. Simply put, I started to grow angry with myself and some of the choices I'd made, and began to wonder what several elements would…

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  • TackTheCobbler

    Ace in the Oasis

    September 1, 2014 by TackTheCobbler

    Yeah, school's started... 

    I apolagize for any resulting infrequency. I have it all drafted and treated, I just need to get it relayed onto a page!

    So, for now, here's the beginning of the true Iroh/Zhao conflict, and a massive rewrite and relocation of an earlier scene. I realize the flow of this is a bit skewed now, so just rest assured that in the soon to be revised workflow, this scene will FOLLOW Tui and La's introduction, not precede.

    I attempted to solve the problem of why Iroh doesn't try to stop Zhao's plan, something which always bugged me in both the show and the original film.


    IROH is lead aboard along with many other members of ZUKO’s crew, before being greeted by ZHAO.


    Welcome aboard, General.

    The two shak…

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  • TackTheCobbler

    I'm finally back!


    ...with a scene I will no doubt have to revise at some point.

    Anyway, this is my... futile attempt at doing justice to one of my least favorite episodes.

    Let's see what you (the home viewer) have to say about it (and if anybody can give me guidance!)


    PAKKU, AANG, and KATARA stand in a row, in front of three decorated containers. After a moment, they lift the liquid out of the containers

    They are before the CHIEF’S COURT, as SOKKA stands in the crowd, watching their movements, as a drum begins to sound from the off.

    The THREE move in rhythm with the drum’s beats, performing simple, but still impressing feats of acrobatics and waterbending.

    The THREE finish their routine, setting the water back in the co…

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  • TackTheCobbler

    All in Good Fun

    June 30, 2014 by TackTheCobbler

    I'm curious for the feedback to this one.

    So, I've already had a dialogue scene to flesh out their relationship, and I figured I needed a somewhat more comedic scene (to reflect Sokka's personality, and whatnot.

    So, I took Sokka's love of hunting, and tried to design a scene where he tries to show it off to his new infatuation, although it doesn't work too well.

    Anyway, enjoy.


    A large herd of PUFFINS stands on an icy plane, as we pan back to see SOKKA and YUE crouching behind an icy mound.

    SOKKA brandishes his boomerang, and YUE looks apprehensively over to him.


    Are you sure about this?


    Trust me, these things are harmless. And also quite tasty.

    YUE rises her eyebrows, and turns to look at the PUFFINS.


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  • TackTheCobbler


    June 29, 2014 by TackTheCobbler

    Before you ask, this is mostly set up for a fake-out.

    It's not that I didn't want to go with the cartoon's version of this, it's that I couldn't. With the way this script is structured, the, uh, reasons for Zhao's attack against Zuko are not even present in the story yet.

    So, I worked up a different scene, within the barriers of what I was doing in terms of this story's layout.

    Also, happy Book Three! (even for those, like me, too busy working to watch them)


    ZUKO stares at the ceiling, lazily reclining and throwing a small ball at the bulkhead.

    He alerts to the sound of a door opening, as he notices IROH’s head peeping in.


    What is it, Uncle?



    We have a visitor, Zuko.

    ZHAO steps in, surveying ZUKO…

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