Over the last month, this has been a highly debated topics I've seen on the internet, Was Korra going to kill herself in Endgame?  This theory is pulled from the moment when Korra was crying on the edge of a cliff.  Now, you could argue either way that she was or she wasn't, but I'm going for the theory that she was.  Now in terms of Nick, actually allowing this, I'm not sure, but they let the murder suicide that happened 5 minutes earlier go by, so why not this.  A reason of why Nick would allow this murder is because Amon did things that are considered to be illegal in the world of Avatar, but I digress.  And yes having a main character in a kids show commit suicide is something that I would not liked to have seen, but it's really up to interpretation to what you think happened? Do you think the creators could have made the situation perfect in order to implant this idea in our heads or was she looking for a quiet place of peace and solitude. So do you think she was going to kill herself? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

TZ Avatar (wallcontribs) 23:21, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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