Never could I have thought that an episode or an entire season beat the original which is one of my all time favorite shows. I like Airbender because it speaks to me with everything it does. I never thought they could make a more impressive animated series, but with this first season of Korra, I was blown away. Everything that this show does it does it correct and in most areas better than the original, but anyway I really thoroughly enjoyed the first season.
File:Korra slider.jpg
But this isn't about the first season in general, this is about the season finale. Basically, everything works in the finale, but the story is: Korra and friends find themselves in a society found under Republic city. After that random point, they arrive at the sea where they meet the fan service, Iroh voiced by Dante Basco (Zuko) or General of the United Forces. Later, they're ambushed by machines built by Asami Sato's father, where we see one of many great action sequences in these 44minutes. After they regroup at the camp where with General Iroh they devise a plan where Iroh Asami and Bolin ambush an equalist air hanger where Asami and her father have a robot duel which is awesome and they ambush the air hanger. Then Mako & Korra go to Airtemple island where they find Tarrlok in prison there. He reveals that Armon is his brother, where I was like "holy s***" it went to ad in which paced around my living room for 3.5 minutes. Tarrlok tells Korra a long story which basically says he and Armon lived in he north pole with their dad, Yakone. Yakone teaches Armon & Tarrlok blood bending which means that Armon is a Waterbender which is so ironic. Armon eventually had enough of the blood bender when Yakone makes his sons blood bend each other and then Armon runs away and Tarrlok and Yakone assume he's dead. He realized it was him when he recognize his blood bending grip. Mako & Korra go to Amons rally where they hide out. Armon realizes the Korra is there. Korra realizes that Armon has captured Tenzins, Jenora, Ikki & Meelo, the Last Airbenders, he plans to rid the world of air bending again. Mako shoot a lighting bolt and the fishy is on. Korra frees Tenzins and the kids and Korra and Armon have a talk fight in which Armon takes Korras bending. This is a very sad moment when I was brought almost to Tears. She gets up and Armon and Mako fight for a while. Korra gets back up and focuses. She then blasts Armon with some air pumps and then she uses an air bending blast to send Armon flying through a window, his mask comes of and he starts to waterbend Peope, are shocked and eventually he gets away. Armon goes to free Tarrlok and they escape on a boat. All the characters go to the South pole where Katara tries to heal Korra but she can't do it. Korra runs out and Mako tells her she loves her. She then runs to a cliff. She starts to cry. She hears someone come behind her and she tells Tenzin to go away he replies "but you called me here" it is than revealed to be Aang who tells her that she has connected to the spiritual side of bending and he gives her her bending back. She then does the Badass thing that all Avatars do and bend all the elements at once. The show then cuts to a speed boat racing thought the water, and Armon and Tarrlok are shown to be on the boat after some talking, Tarrlok sees an electrical glove and he then electrocutes the boat and blows it up. They are most likely dead. So overall a great finale. One thing I've admired about this show is the fully-orchestrated music. It's really good. I thought all the. I'd most likely need to watch the finale more to decipher it completely. One issue I had with it and yes I'm complaining now but one issue with it is that it doesn't lead itself to anything. It's customary for a finale to hint about what will happen in the next season but the writers do the same thing they did with the whole ending to TLA, they use a deus-ex machina which for those of you who aren't awesome, it's a problem that is solved by an unconventional, random methods that come out of no where. I thought that the next season would be focused on finding a way for Korra to regain her bender but... "Go Away Tenzin..." "But you called me here" says Aang. At this point I was like "Don't do this.... Don't do this...." To me, this was a cheap way to get an awesome ending, I did enjoy seeing Aang, that was always a fun surprise in the seasons, but even though I had an issue with this, they hadn't gotten Korra in the Avatar State and I assumed she'd go badass while fighting Armon but what they did was fine. Anyways, even though I have some knit-picks, I give the amazing finale:

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