Okay, So I'm currently rewatching Korra and I've come to notice something. Is it just me or is Pro-Bending kind of lame? Now, let me justify this by saying one of my favorite things about the two shows is seeing the characters manipulate the elements and even seeing the master benders control large amounts of their given elements, but in Pro-bending, it's the same thing over and over. "Korra shoots a blade of water at the earthbender on the other team and he narrowly dodges it and shoots a stone at her but he just misses as Korra shoots another blade of water to him that he dodges." Yeah, isn't that kind of lame. Two of my favorite fights from either series are the comet enhanced Agni Kai, Azula vs. Zuko. I like this because its a fight with pure raw power.

The beams of fire they shoot at each ot

Azula's blazing blue fire attack
her are unmatched by any other battle in the series, and when Azula starts skating on the fire like its ice, trying to shot on Zuko blew my mind. Amazing battle. There was a lot of mental anguish going on in that battle for Azula, her blue flamesrepresenting her mental state and Zuko's representing his state. I feel like there wasn't enough going on in the first episodes of Korra and that's why they have Pro-Bending. But those are just my thoughts. Post yours in the comments below!!!

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