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    Is it me, or have I seen a lot of mixed reveiws of Mako around here. I've seen many blog posts and many people who either love or hate him. I understand he's not the nicest charecter and may be a little bit of a douchebag, but I've heard many negative opinions about him? In my opinion, he's an intresting person. So, I ask you, whats with all the hate and what specific instance makes you feel the way you do? Post your thoughts in the comment below!

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    July 29, 2012 by TZ Avatar

    Okay, So I'm currently rewatching Korra and I've come to notice something. Is it just me or is Pro-Bending kind of lame? Now, let me justify this by saying one of my favorite things about the two shows is seeing the characters manipulate the elements and even seeing the master benders control large amounts of their given elements, but in Pro-bending, it's the same thing over and over. "Korra shoots a blade of water at the earthbender on the other team and he narrowly dodges it and shoots a stone at her but he just misses as Korra shoots another blade of water to him that he dodges." Yeah, isn't that kind of lame. Two of my favorite fights from either series are the comet enhanced Agni Kai, Azula vs. Zuko. I like this because its a fight …

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    Over the last month, this has been a highly debated topics I've seen on the internet, Was Korra going to kill herself in Endgame?  This theory is pulled from the moment when Korra was crying on the edge of a cliff.  Now, you could argue either way that she was or she wasn't, but I'm going for the theory that she was.  Now in terms of Nick, actually allowing this, I'm not sure, but they let the murder suicide that happened 5 minutes earlier go by, so why not this.  A reason of why Nick would allow this murder is because Amon did things that are considered to be illegal in the world of Avatar, but I digress.  And yes having a main character in a kids show commit suicide is something that I would not liked to have seen, but it's really up to …

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    Aang vs. Katara

    July 2, 2012 by TZ Avatar

    Aang vs. Katara

    One peaceful day in Republic City, Avatar Aang was walking down the street. As he was walking, he witnessed a mugging. He jumped in and tried to help the man getting mugged, but the mugger was getting away. He was quick so he evaded Aang quickly. Aang shot himself upward with a pillar of stone and saw the man escaping on the roof and he noticed how the mugger was a fire bender, as he levitated by using flames. Aang started to chase him. Aang remembered a waterbending trick that Katara taught him. Katara had learned this trick from Hama, the bloodbender. With a fluid wave he formed ice spikes on his hands and shot them at the pursing firebender. The mugger saw the spikes coming and created a wave of flames and then shot it at…

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    Top Ten Episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender:

    10. Appa’s Lost Days

    9. Sozin’s Comet pt. 3

    8. The Siege of The North

    7. The Boiling Rock

    6. Zuko Alone

    5. The Puppet Master

    4. Day of Black Sun

    3. Sozin’s Comet pt. 4

    2. The Avatar & The Firelord

    1. The Southern Raiders

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