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  • TDR97

    Losing my temper

    July 24, 2012 by TDR97

    I'm really getting angry at you guys here a lot of the time im treated like an idiot for saying something

    Worse no one gets treated the same way for the same thing

    Like, once i said Korra kissed Mako and everyone starts treating me lik an idiot by saying stuff like "He kissed her back" yet when other people say that they brush it off

    TotalDramaRox97 "Marvella FireFoxface" 18:48, July 24, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TDR97

    FInale Review

    June 23, 2012 by TDR97

    I feel i should do a finale review

    • I loved how they portrayed Iroh, they made him like Zuko yet still very professional
    • A lot of twists occurred (like Amon's "scar" and the homi/suicide)
    • Korra being de-bended is unlike most endings because usually the hero is saved at the last minute
    • Epic fight scenes especially how they showed two Equalists fighting each other
    • I liked how they got into the history of bloodbending more and explained it's true power
    • Mako was being portrayed as much less of a jerk in this episode
    • Amon making bending illegal was shocking yet at the same time funny
    • We finally see Aang and Korra interact in actuality instead of through the flashbacks
    • Tarrlok was finally shown to care about people, how he sacrificed his life to take down…

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