After watching the season's finale, I was a bit disappointed to see everything be concluded, leaving no room to continue the series for another season. I don't know what they plan to do now, but I have come up with an ending that, in my opinion, better suits the season's conclusion and opens up plenty of room for the new season.

Endgame Ending

  • Before the rally, Amon sends out a message to his forces saying it is time to "equalize the world." That is why there are no Equalist airships present to defend equalist Republic City, they were sent out to conquer the rest of the world, one area or several areas at a time.
  • How Tenzin and his family were captured, and their escape is gone into detail. (They manage to find and break Lin out, who was also last seen under Equalist possession.)
  • After Korra loses her bending, discovers her airbending ability, and literally blows Amon out of the tower into the water below, Amon does not resurface to pursue them. Instead, he uses waterbending to make his escape underwater, leaving his followers to believe he has been killed, and they never find out his true abilities.
  • In the South Pole, Makorra still hooks up, but Korra does not regain her bending.
  • The episode ends with Amon and Tarrlock's final moments on the boat, as Tarrlock ends the lives of two of Yakone's products of revenge. Lieutenant becomes the new leader of the Equalists.

Book Two Plots

  • The Equalists try to expand their claim of land by conquering other parts of the world, under the command of Lieutenant and Hiroshi (now second-in-command)
  • Korra is only able to airbend, and must find a way to connect with her spiritual self/unlock chocras/whatever to regain access to the other three elements. As stated in the beginning of the season, she has had trouble connecting with that aspect of being an Avatar, now she must learn to do just that.
  • Makorra is now a thing, but I'm pretty sure Mako and Asami never broke up. A bit of story, there.
  • Hiroshi continues to try to win over the love for his daugter by ridding the world of benders, slowly going insane in the process.
  • Bumi's "clever" strategies to take out the Equalist forces that are still in Republic City at the end of the Book 1 finale (oh, plotholes...), as well as forces out in other parts of the world.
  • Zuko, and a bit of story on him (We were promised this in Book One, I believe. >_>)
  • Zuko's daughter, the current Fire Lord. Could be something they could do with her.

All of the above could have been canon had they not ended the episode like they did. Yes, I realize the episode was written long before the show got the green light for another season, but it doesn't hurt to imagine.

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