So did they reveal Toph's love intrest yet or are they holding out still. If not, I'm guessing we might find out in the next few episodes of TLoK or in Part 3 that will come out in four months, 9 hours ago by T- AvatarFanReplyedit*[1]you should read this review it is quite good. 9 hours ago by OneOfUs

  • [2]T-AF, I read a review from Airspeed Prime which was apparently witten today after a person from the fan-site bought the second novel (which OneOfUs just linked you to in the comment above). It included a spoilers section, but there was no mention of Toph's love interest as of yes, so I guess they're holding out on that.

9 hours ago by Toph's Fanboy history

  • [3]"I will begin with the Toph metalbending school plot. This story in Part 2 just feels so much like an episode of the show, and it works very well. I like the way their relationship is not at all shipping focused, they are friends full stop" I think this is very clear :)

9 hours ago by OneOfUs

  • [4]I've read the review hours ago and yes I saw that line about "I like the way [Toph and Sokka's] relationship is not at all shipping focused, they are friends full stop," but my question was pretty much "did they reveale who Tohp's hubby is" not if Sokka turned out to be him. Also to me that can mean a few things 1. It could mean they just think of each other as friends and nothing more, 2. It could mean they touched on it and kinda abruptly ended to finish it in part 3 or 3. (I haven't thought of yet just give me time). Although I should read it to see how everything goes down.

7 hours ago by T- AvatarFanedit history

  • [5]It couldn't be Sokka.....Would Lin date Tenzin if he was her cousin?

7 hours ago by Sokka's Sword

  • [6]Actully Tenzin never confirmed he dated Lin, we only presume that because Korra jumped to conclutions about their past relationship. Give me one quote where Tenzin says they dated or something that disproves them from being family.

7 hours ago by T- AvatarFanedit history


That's what people do not understand, has never been told whether they had a serious relationship.

And I think that Tokka could happen without Sokka being the father of Lin...

Anyway, Sokka and Toph have a nice friendship. 7 hours ago by Ikurosawa

  • [8]"You two were a couple!"

"Who told you that?"

"Your Wife"

"Criminy... I'll have to have a word with her" This to me says that they did have a relationship because Tenzin only gets red in the face when Korra is right about something personal, and he is clearly annoyed that Pema told Korra something like that which to me says its true.

"Pema didn't steal me, Lin and I had been growing apart for some time" one of the ultimate excuses for breaking up. right up there with "its not you, its me"

I'm thinking Toph's hubby is in volume 2. I've read a few Part 2 Spoilers and apparently the rival firebending school referenced in reviews is the previous owner of the dojo. Toph got it because of the HRM making the firebending school vacate, but since Yu Dao is on the wall now they want the school back. Maybe the rival teacher is Lin's father. Lin is kinda pale considering her heritage on her mother's side... maybe theres some fire nation in there... 4 hours ago by an anonymous contributor

  • [9]I agree with the person above. You people have to be so technical about things. Tenzin obviously hinted that they had a thing just by his reaction. What we don't know is how deep it was. It's Nickelodeon. The characters won't outright say everything.

2 hours ago by an anonymous contributor

  • [10]When Tnezin said "Criaminy. . ." he sounded more irritated and then fallowing it up with "having a word with her" idk normally I talk with someone if something bothers me; I have a word with someone if there is either a misunderstanding or something they did is wrong in some way. Also I didn't see him get red faced. I saw him shiver after Korra said "You two were a couple."

Its not stealing if they were never together. And some times even close families drift apart at some point due to "different goals" and responsibilities. Since Tenzin is/was the last Airbender after Aang died it then became his responsibility to keep the Air Nomad civilzation alive, meaning he would have to start a family and take on the responsibilities of the Air Acolytes, plus the responsibilities he already had before Aang's death. Also Lin and Tenzin had 15 years for them to get legally married and to drag out a relationship out that long without getting married and then just dump someone you've known for most if not all your life for someone that just showed up out of the blue and told you how they felt about you idk it just seems strange.

Got anything else? 36 seconds ago by T- AvatarFanedit

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