Hey, this is just a look at different type of wiki government(s), and maybe it will inspire some new ideas. I will also suggest my favorite. This may help users conclude whether or not they are competent with our government.

Types (Ranges from Severe Right Wing to Severe Left Wing)

  • Anarchy- Seen on many smaller wikis, this government runs where the founder is treated like a god, he appoints his friends 'Crats, and they do the same. This government would be eventually overrun by users because they would end up being appointed positions in the long run, and wish to hold power.
  • Monarchy - A ruler is appointed in charge of the wiki, and he represents his wishes over the peoples, eventually his few supporters would be locked in positions they wish to move up from. This government would be eventually overrun by users because they will feel unrepresented.
  • Oligarchy - The "Council" type of government, this government is run by a few self-appointed users whom make all decisions, and hold all the power. The communty gets a minor say in everything. This government would be eventually overrun by users who feel they are not represented.
  • Democratic Monarchy (OUR WIKI'S TYPE) - The type of government, where a group of positive contributers are voted into lifelong positions, that can be revoked, but are not likely to be, and the community gets a major say in everything. This government may or may not be overrun by users.
  • Democracy(My Ideal type of government) - A type of government where a wiki holds annual elections, where users must be reelected for every position, and if they are not, but don't remove the rights they have, Staff is contacted. This government is likely overrun free, hoever a disadvantage is users will vote for friends.
  • Communism - A type of government where every decision is made by the people, and they are not recognized for achievement. The government is likely to be overrun.

My Proposal

I propose our wiki holds annual elections for Administrators and Bureaucrats, where anyone can be voted for, but the 7 candidates with the most votes will be admins, 2 Bureaucrats, and so on.... If you agree just sign under the Support section.





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