Hello you there, and welcome to The White Lotus Awards(unofficial)! "Why what are these awards" one must surely be asking, to which I'd surely reply "Only the coolest thing ever." to whch you'd reply "That doesn't answer the question!" to which I'd reply "Just read along." But anyways, do just that, young padawan, and along read you, like a grasshopper, in a meadow hops, further must you go!(imagine that in a Yoda voice)

The Idea

Well, this is sort of like a mix between the Fanon Awards, and Fanonbending. This promotes fanons, and recognizes achievement of fanon(S) / authors! It will have categories, which you will nominate fanon to, and vote.

How does it work?

In the comments, leave the name of the fanon you wish to nominate and the certain category, or leave a vote for a fanon.Then, the fanon becomes a "Trainee". After it recieves 5 votes it becomes a sentry, after 10 votes it becomes a Member, and than at 15 votes it becomes a Master, should it recieve 20 votes it becomes a Grand Lotus. You get a seperate Userbox per each category. If a fanon becomes a Sentry in 5 categories His/Her fanon becomes "An Excellant Fanon". If a fanon becomes a Grand Lotus in 5 categories than it becomes "The Ultimate Fanon"! The same goes for User Achievement Awards.

List of Categories

Fanon series

  • Outstanding Drama Series - The best series that is very emotional.
  • Outstanding Expansion Series - The best series expanding on a character.
  • Outstanding New Series - The best series less than 3 months old from date of nomination.
  • Outstanding Romance Series - The best series revolving around romance and shipping between characters.
  • Outstanding Mini Series - The best series with 16 chapters or less.

Fanon chapters

  • Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series - This chapter is very funy.
  • Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - This chapter is very emotional.
  • Outstanding Writing in a Romance Series - This chapter touches your heart.
  • Outstanding Writing in an Action Series - This chapter is action packed.

Fanon characters

  • Best Female Main Character - The greatest heroine of the wiki.
  • Best Male Main Character - The strongest central figure of a series.
  • Best Female Supporting Character - She holds everything together.
  • Best Male Supporting Character - This guy makes everything possible.
  • Best Villain - This guy is so bad, he could almost conquer the wiki.

User Achievement Awards

  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Author - The best author on the wiki.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Editor - The best editor on the wiki.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Guest Author - The best author to write a chapter of another author's series.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding New Author - The best author who has only started writing within 3 months of nomination.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Illustrator - The best artist on the wiki, who can draw anything.


What you get for winning!

Well, soon I will have the userboxes you will recieve ready however, you will also be entitled to any favor you wish upon me, and you will get your name and fanon, on a lsit in User:Master Ratava/White Lotus Sentinel!

List of Trainee

Outstanding Drama Series

Avatar: Energy Saga by AvatarRokusGhost

List of Sentries

List of Masters

List of Grand Lotuses

List of Excellent Fanon

List of Excellent Users

List of The Ultimate Fanon

List of The Ultimate Users

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