These are for entertainment purposes, although they are based on Avatar Extras, and facts given in the series, as well as released information, so here they are:

  1. Before the war, the fire nation was considered the "danciest" nation!
  2. Zuko is a naturally gifted Tsungi Horn player!
  3. Ty Lee has six identical sisters!
  4. Each of them has a rhyming name!(Go's with previous)
  5. A purple pentapus eats algae!
  6. Aang died at the age of 166 technically!
  7. The smell of flying bison saliva stay for days!
  8. The spirit world exists amongst the mortal world!
  9. Meelo isn't the first airbender to bend himself into a snow man!
  10. Aang did it in the Siege of the North!(Go's with previous)
  11. Koh has bad breath.
  12. Each element is related to it's own season.
  13. They are, Earth - Spring, Fire - Summer, Air - Fall, Water - Winter! (Go's with previous)
  14. Sokka has described Aang's entry into the Avatar State as "glow[ing] it up"!
  15. Oma was the first earthbender!
  16. She learned from the badger moles! (Go's with previous)
  17. Her lover, Shu was the second earthbender! (Go's with previous)
  18. Foo Foo Cuddlypoops is the only animal to be named by a member of Team Avatar without becoming a pet!
  19. Sokka secretly loved Foo Foo Cuddlypoops! (Go's with previous)
  20. Ba Sing Se sunsets are said to be the most romantic!
  21. The dance that Katara and Aang perform in "The Headband" is called the Capoeira!
  22. It is actually an Air Nomad dance! (Go's with previous)
  23. Bryke actually coined the term Kataang!
  24. Before that, it was called Aangtara! (Go's with previous)
  25. Avatar Roku's dragon was named Fang!
  26. Avatar Roku also had a Pet Platypus bear! (Go's with previous)
  27. Sokka has always dreamed of having a beard and moustache!
  28. Sokka has a hard time growing facial hair! (Go's with previous)
  29. The 'Wang Fire' persona was used multiple times after the war!
  30. The writers included fandom wishes in "The Ember Island Players" play!
  31. This included Zutara, and Ozai's Angels! (Go's with previous)
  32. They included the Kataang kiss to level out the fandom! (Go's with previous)
  33. Badgermoles are music lovers!
  34. Sokka is not! (Go's with previous)
  35. Sokka is more agreeable at night!
  36. Sokka likes making nicknames!
  37. Zuko's favorite color is purple!
  38. The three sub-styles of waterbending were devoloped by different tribes!
  39. NWT - Healing, FST - Plantbending, SWT - Bloodbending! (Go's with previous)
  40. Bloodbending is common knowledge in LoK!
  41. Zuko's grandfathers were excellent dancers!
  42. They passed their skills on to Zuko! (Go's with previous)
  43. Zuko took dance lessons up until his banishment! (Go's with previous)
  44. Zuko's hearing is above average!
  45. Toph's as well! (Go's with previous)
  46. The flying boar represents the saying "When pigs fly"!
  47. That is why it became the Bei Fong family symbol! (Go's with previous)
  48. Energybending predates the Avatar!
  49. So does our friend, the Lion Turtle! (Go's with previous)
  50. The Lion Turtle has been arond since the beginning of time! (Go's with previous)
  51. Kya was Aang and Katara's first born!
  52. She is around 10 years older than Tenzin! (Go's with previous)
  53. Uncle Iroh can see the Spirit World at all times!
  54. Most Airbenders also had that ability! (Go's with previous)
  55. The Air Nomads were the most spiritual nation!
  56. Because of this, all of their populace were benders! (Go's with previous)
  57. Momo is one of the only characters to have their own theme song!
  58. Hawky was originally going to be Zuko's pet, and would have fought Momo on alot of occasions!
  59. Momo was originally going to be frozen with Aang, but due to an animation error(s) in the first panels of the series that forgot Momo, Momo's debut was postponed!
  60. Ran and Shaw, are like the Fire Nation version Tui and La!
  61. Both pairs represent Yin and Yang! (Go's with previous)
  62. Spring loaded projectiles are attached to every outfit of Mai's!
  63. "Sweet Sugar Cakes" is the Avatar World equivelant of "Sexy"!
  64. Men of The Southern Water Tribe are excellent fisherman!
  65. Sokka's favorite passtime is shopping!
  66. Zhao hates lemurs!
  67. Zhao's grandfather was a traitor to the Fire Nation!
  68. General Fong is the most aggressive Earth Kingdom general!
  69. Hahn is one of the only Water Tribe characters not to have a "k" or an "uh" sound in his name!
  70. The words in the upper left corner of Iroh's picture of Lu Ten say "To General Iroh:See you after we win the war.Your loyal son, Lu Ten.
  71. Lu Ten died giving that message to a messenger hawk! (Go's with previous)
  72. He was surrounded by sixteen Earth Kingdom soldiers! (Go's with previous)
  73. In Chinese the last character of Katara's name mean's pull!
  74. In Arabic Katara means droplet! (Go's with previous)
  75. Toph's hair is the longest of anyone in the Avatar World!
  76. Aang's parents were supposed to be featured in an episode of Avatar:The Last Airbender!
  77. This episode however, was scrapped and replaced with "The Great Divide"! (Go's with previous)
  78. Azula refered to Katara as a peasant, although technically she is a Princess.
  79. Azula was supposed to have an arranged marriage in Book 3!
  80. This episode was scrapped due to time constraints! (Go's with previous)
  81. Katara hates papaya fruit!
  82. The Boulder has a tattoo of a purple badgermole on his back!
  83. Energybending can be used to transfer knowledge!
  84. This is similar to the book "The Giver"! (Go's with previous)
  85. Zuko's alter ego, The Blue Spirit was inspired by a Fire Nation superhero known as The Red Spirit!
  86. Sokka was supposed to be a serious character!
  87. That was before his voice actor added his own lines! (Go's with previous)
  88. Zuko was supposed to join Team Avatar at the end of Book 2!
  89. Zutara was supposed to be canon until they changed that decision! (Go's with previous)
  90. Amon's name in Egyptian means hidden!
  91. Coming out of the Avatar State causes weakness and nausea!
  92. Tarrlok was the youngest member of the Republic City Council!
  93. Katara is quite knowledgeable in yoga!
  94. Tonraq means "Spirit" or "Ghost"!
  95. In Japanese Suki with emphasis means Love!
  96. In Japanese Moon is pronounced Tsuki! (Go's with previous)
  97. Suki can mean Lost Moon Love! (Go's with previous)
  98. This references Yue, Sokka's love! (Go's with previous)
  99. Tenzin is an exteremely common name in Tibet!
  100. Both Tenzin and Monk Gyatso were named after Tibeten leader of the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso! (Go's with previous)
  101. Originally, Republic City would have had "Igloo Ghettoes", and Korra was to be from one!
  102. Avatar:The Last Airbender was originally planned to be without seasons and have 15 episodes!
  103. A few months before the show started it was changed to 2 seasons of 9 episodes each!(Go's with previous)
  104. A month later Nick was so impressed they changed it to a season of 22 episodes!(Go's with previous)
  105. That's where fillers came in!(Go's with previous)
  106. And that is why there were so many writers!(Go's with previous)
  107. The "Avatar State" was the first part of the 3 episode finale!(Go's with previous)
  108. Aang would have mastered it at the end instead though!(Go's with previous)
  109. At the premiere Nick stated that if it was popular they could do a second season!(Go's with previous)
  110. They started writing immediately!(Go's with previous)
  111. Originally Ozai would have been defeated, but the Dai Li would try to take over the Earth Kingdom!(Go's with previous)
  112. But three episodes in, it was greenligted for 6 seasons!(Go's with previous)
  113. So they decided to merge the plots!(Go's with previous)
  114. The finale would have stayed the same!(Go's with previous)
  115. If they hadn't thrown in Azula!(Go's with previous)
  116. By the 16th episode they decided t change around the plots in Book: 2!(Go's with previous)
  117. They settled on doing 2 series of 3 seasons for the show, similar to Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden 's relationship!(Go's with previous)
  118. But after the first episode of Book:2, Nick had to choose between Avatar, or iCarly, and Spongebob!(Go's with previous)
  119. Avatar was almost cancelled!(Go's with previous)
  120. Instead, they chose to break Avatar in half!(Go's with previous)
  121. So they would have the programming slots for iCarly after its debut, and more Spongebob!(Go's with previous)
  122. But after the Dai Li were introduced Fan intrest was at it's highest!(Go's with previous)
  123. So Nick said, finish this, and we may let you do another project!(Go's with previous)

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