These are some I found:



The Five Biggest(With Explanations)

  • Toph: Aang, should you really be exposing yourself like that? Cover up!
    Aang: What? I'm wearing trunks.
    • Toph cannot see Aang's Tattoo's... 0_o
  • Zuko: "Listen everybody, I've got some pretty bad news. I Lost my stuff."
    Toph: "Well don't look at me! I didn't touch your stuff."
    • Toph is referring to Zuko's "parts".
  • Sokka, "Like I paddle my canoe I'll paddle yours too!"
    • Refers to the Female "parts".
  • Aang: "And as you can see, I have very large feet..."
    • Refering to the notion that foot size relates to male "part" size.
  • Katara: I have a surprise for everyone!
    Toph: I knew it! You did have a secret thing with Haru!
    • This refers to a secret pregnancy.


  • Katara, "He took Aang! He took him right out from under me!"
  • Tahno (in an extremely suggestive voice): Y'know, if you'd like to learn how a real pro bends... I could give you some private lessons
  • Zuko, "I want the Avatar..."
  • Aang, "Don't worry Sokka. Where we're going, you won't need any pants!"
  • Aang, (to Zuko) "Jump on my back!"
  • Hide: "Nobody shows my Onji anything, especially movements!"
  • Sokka, "Well I was wondering if you want an activity together?"
  • Aang, "Wow, everything freezes in there!"
  • Sokka: "We'll be eating fire balls!"
    Katara (with a sly grin): "I'd rather have fire balls than nuts"
  • Katara: What, like you're ready to go right now, naked guy?
  • Aang, "My friends need to suck on those frogs!"
  • Azula: Can't this wait till morning?
    Zuko: IT. CAN'T."
  • The first of the implied offscreen sex occurs when, after Zuko has returned to the Fire Nation, Azula makes some kind of coy, offhanded comment about how Mai "has been in a strangely good mood lately.".
  • Aang: Your days of tyranny are over, Fire Lord!
    Ozai: Really? You're gonna take me out? You're not even wearing pants!
    Aang: No, Fire Lord Ozai, you're not wearing pants!
    Ozai: NOOOOO! My royal parts are showing!
  • Katara: Aang, everyone's watching us...
    Aang: Don't worry about them. It's just you and me right now...


  • Bumi (to Aang): "Aang stop your blowing for a second"
  • Iroh: Uh, Does this possibly come in a larger size?
  • Jet: You wanna see it?
    Katara: Yes we wanna see it!
  • Jet: "Grab hold of me Katara."
  • Katara: you need your hands like this, that way you can protect your center. Got it?
    Aang: -blushing- Yeah
  • Aang: Great hat! I'll trade you some nuts for it.
  • Katara: "Maybe you should kiss him, Sokka."
  • Sokka: "Looks like someone had a pretty good bathroom break"
  • Toph (to Sokka): "It's called 'being handled'. Get used to it!!"
  • Aang to Zhao"I don't know why, but I thought you'd be better than Zuko!"
  • Bumi to aang:
    Bumi:hey,you like meat?
    Aang:no,i don't eat meat
  • Bumi to Sokka
    Bumi:I bet you like meat!
  • Aang(Pilot): Hey, Kya! It's all in the legs.
  • Zuko to Katara: "You have something I want."
  • Fire Nation Man, "Fire Lord, my flame burns for thee!"


  • When the pirates make off with Zuko's boat in "The Waterbending Scroll," one of the pirates turns around and grabs his pants as if he's getting ready to moon him, but the shot cuts away.
  • At the end of "Bato of the Water Tribe," Zuko, Iroh, and bounty hunter June are apparently left paralyzed by her shirshu, with June laying on top of Iroh.
    Zuko: [to Iroh] I didn't see you get paralyzed by the tongue.
    Iroh: Shhhh!
    And June looks mad after that exchange.
  • In "The Beach". A goof in animation showed Aang, when hugging Katara, with his hand on one of her...gender-specific body parts.
  • In "The Boiling Rock: Part 1," a female guard catches Zuko (disguised as a male guard) loitering in the female prisoners' block, seemingly standing watch for a buddy. The female guard silently glances at Suki's cell before demanding Zuko let her check to see what was going on inside. Yup. That's right. Avatar snuck in a bit about prison rape. Combine that with Suki's casually hostile reaction to a disguised Sokka sneaking into her cell and you realize this isn't the first time something like this has happened to Suki.
    Well... She was Azula's favorite prisoner.
  • Sokka's alias Wang Fire references STDs.

If You Write Some More In The Comments I Will Add Them To The List

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