I am writing this blog to give some tips on creating a fanon, this is in no way official!

In my opinion to create a fanon, a user must always be able to answser these questions completely before writing a fanon, so this can serve as a template to start off a fanon, so here is the list, in order of how I would come up with the answers:

  1. What is the premise of the series?(i.e. What is the plot?):
  2. What makes this fanon special?(i.e. What is something different about this fanon than others?)
  3. Who is the main character?(i.e. Not their name, but their background:
  4. When does the story take place?(i.e. Post-Korra, Pre-A:TLA, Post-A:TLA):
  5. Who is the antagonist?(i.e. Not their name, but their background):
  6. What is the goal of the antagonist?
  7. What abilities do the character's have?(i.e. Bending type, sword skills):
  8. What are the character's names?:
  9. How many chapters will their be?(at least ____ chapters):
  10. What is the series name?:

Also, here are some things to do:

  1. If you need a co-writer, find one
  2. Get an Editor
  3. Get an Illustrator
  4. Write some sample's on paper
  5. Start writing!

If you want to have a succesful fanon, on key is advertisement!Any user with a new or upcoming fanon should contact my good friend BlackMonkey and ask for a fanon advertisement and write a column for the Ba Sing Se Times. After you have at least 3 chapters published, add your fanon to a schedule to the Fanon Interview user group, and add yourself to be interviewed by the Fanon Interview user group! Once you have more readers, your fanon should also get better, that means longer chapters, better writing, and more suprises/plot twists!

Suzon (wall · contribs · editcount · logs) 05:49, June 23, 2012 (UTC)

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