In light of recent events, and after the dissolution of the wikequalists, I came to realize vandalism is not the answer to bullying, so I'm just asking, can you guys read this through, and try to end Bullying on the Avatar Wiki :) Thank you!


Bullying really hurts, coming from someone who is bullied, off the internet, on the internet, and pretty much everywhere I go, I can tell you from experiance that no single person on this entire planet likes to be bullied. Cyber-Bullying is just as much of an issue as bullying, and it hurts just as bad if not worse than regular bullying. It seems like alot of more experienced users pick on the less experienced users. Now, not all more experienced users on here are bullies, and they are not all nice either. Alot of Admins on here bully other users on here, in thier quest to A)Gain more power or B)Defend other admins. Not all admins are bad, some of them who bully based on reason B don't even know they are bullying. Now, I'm just asking for some of us to stop, and think. Can we stop Bullying? The Answer is yes, I'm just asking for us all even me, everyone of us, to think about what we are doing when we do it and determine if it is bullying. From experience, I know it is very annoying to be blocked, because a bully, so I'm also asking Admins to be more leniant on the blocks, thank you all.

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